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Best Tower Defence Games online for Mobile and PC

One of the most popular games that caught the audience were Tower defence games. They can be said to be revolutionary for mobile gamers and the gaming community. The reason behind this kind of games getting so much popularity is the simple controls. As for mobiles, the rules are super easy, along with various guide options. The tap controlling is supremely suiting the audience of touch screen mobiles. The best tower defence games are where what you see, you will get the same thing. It is not much manipulating and also very interesting in all the forms. You will have many other android games that will suit you, but you should give a try to Tower Defence once.

The basic story is about a hero who needs to face various kinds of evil creatures. The hero needs to keep his people together and strategically align them to protect the kingdom. Every day comes with a new challenge and new hope to win against the evil.

The game works well both for mobile as well as PC. However, these games got a bit at a lower end for the past few years. But, some of the best tower defense games for android, ios and PC are still out there that you can enjoy. Here are some best tower defense games online that we have picked up for you:

Best tower defense games Mobile:

1. Defenders 2: Tower Defence CCG

This game has to be on the best tower defence games list because of the game’s algorithm. For every level, you have to collect cards. And only things you can be using the ones you unlock.

However, as the games look interesting initially, it somewhat degraded as it asks for a few little transactions. As for the first few rounds, it is completely free. But as you proceed to further levels, the game asks for few transactions.

Defenders-best tower defence games

But, the initial experience of the Defenders is very good and if you are thinking of buying the premium one. Then that is worth it without any doubt.

2. Defence Zone 3

Again, one of the most spectacular games in the tower defence category. The game is really popular and has a lot for you in it. Defence Zone 3 has totally amazing and different levels of experience.  It contains some special features like a few other battles. Like the different setting of the level of difficulty. You can change the difficulty as per your wish. But, I would recommend playing the game at high difficulty.

Defence Zone 3- best tower defence games
Defence Zone

It is super fun and also supports various kinds of languages up to 20. The games different other modes to be played in. Again, its amazing graphics can blow your mind.
The game is free to play and gives you such a pleasant surprise. However, the game is a little older than some of the new releases. But, it is comparable to these new releases, and that that’s why it is to be here in best tower defence games.

3. Digfender

This is also an extreme take for the tower defence games. Digfender is purely user-based. It has many levels to accomplish and also features different kinds of maps. Some of the maps are amazing to play in. The game is about the user’s controllability. It is like you get the challenge by yourself and then defend your boundaries from the found terrors. It has this interesting factor that you don’t know whom you will be fighting against in the particular map or level. Everything is spontaneous for you, and that gives the user a great experience.


However, the graphics are a little loose end to the game. However, you don’t have to pay anything to play it, and so you can enjoy them as much as you want. The game is a little underrated, but it is worth some time in these tower defence genre games.

4. Grow Castle

This TD game Grow castle is somewhere differently mechanized from the others. It is actually a tower defence game where you need to defend these towers where you live for supremacy. This game has a different appeal as it has many heroes from which you can select. All the heroes have other powers, and hence your game will be running in that manner. Not a stable storyline. It changes as you change the hero. There are almost 70 heroes in these games, each giving you an over lasting experience.

Grow Castle
Grow Castle

The only bad part about the game is it is not free. The game is free for some initial levels, but then it starts asking for little transactions. Although you can enjoy the game, it is free as it is a super fun tower defence game.

5. Infinitode

Again a great piece in a best tower defence game. This is like no other game. It has a different concept and allows you to build as many towers as you want at once. Hence, you could even get a map editor as you can change the algorithms of the fights of the defence and the game by yourself. This game is one of the most interesting and subtly different games we have seen till now. It is super crazy and is loved by those who want chaos in the field and need the game to change in different proportions.

Infinitode-best tower defence games

The updates are very frequent and are at a global level. Also, the game is seeming to be endless, with various modes getting activated after every update.
However, the game is free to download but has some in-app deals which are not so persuasive. The developer has agreed that if you can unlock various things by yourself, you won’t have to make an in-app purchase.

6. Knightfall AR

The most amazing game I have experienced till now for the tower defence genre. Actually, it totally unique and different than all the other games out there. It uses your camera and flashes it on the flat surface where you play the game. How cool is that? Like you will be needing Google’s ARcore for it, but then if you have it, it is such a good experience. So your first check that your phone has ARcore technology or not.

Knightfall AR
Knightfall AR

The game’s concept is similar to other best tower defence games, but have a very different user experience. The overall build-up of the game is amazing and does not require any payment for it. Also, it has various items to mesmerize you and have a fun time.

Although the game is totally free the duration is very short. You can enjoy them for very little time, but then the technology is worth that much time also.

7. Plants vs Zombies (both)

This is supposedly one of the most played tower defence games on mobiles, as it is very user-friendly. The game has a simple concept of tower defence. The user has to defend the tower by planting some dangerous plants having armors against the huge wave of zombies. The game is very popular and most gamers have played it. The game always gets a little interesting once it updates. The developers are loving their audience and don’t lose them so quickly.

Plants vs Zombies
Plants vs Zombies

The game is super fun and enjoyable. Also, it is free to play which a plus one for casual gaming people. The mechanism of the game differs from the other games and has brought many interesting features in it.


Best Tower Defence games PC:

1. Warstone TD

This game is way beyond some of the best games also. Here you start the map yourself. The game starts with an empty map and hence you have to build the town or city by yourself. Then you have to defend your place with the help of defenders from the enemies. The game is super cool and always been at the top of the best tower defence games pc. The villagers are also present, which will notify you that some evils are trying to capture the land.

Also, you will be getting the defenders by yourself initially. You have to find them and make them one of yours. The self-built city and then saving the city is amazing by itself. The game is conceptually just way beyond other TD games.

Also, as the game proceeds, you will get many different stones, which will help you through the game. Some Warstones are to be fought and achieved. These will be very powerful stones and you must save them from your enemies. You can take the help of your defenders to protect the stones. The defenders like a Peasant, Rifleman, etc. these defenders are no supernatural creatures. These are simple humans whom you have trained and polished the skills for them to become defenders.

You will be facing many enemies while safeguarding the stone, and if you lose them, you have to win it back. This is what makes the game more and more interesting.

Warstone TD is a spectacular game with many levels and a variety of play. The storyline is also great.

2. Kingdom Rush

The game is rightfully very popular and is being played for a long time now. This game has never changed its basic theme that is to act like a hero and defend your place. The graphics are top-notch. You will be facing different enemies in the forests, mountains, and even beside rivers. The portrait of the whole game is very pleasant. Most of the enemies like trolls, evils creatures, etc. can be very creepy sometimes.

Altogether, the game is very beautiful and that is the reason why it is so overrated. It has everything fine and a very positive audience already associated with this game. The key feature of any game is to be gamer friendly and Kingdom Rush has taken care of that. The game allows you to build your own strategy to defend your kingdom is itself showing how user-friendly it is. You will be upgrading your abilities and also, the features in the tower and kingdom. Your weaponry also gets upgraded with different levels of win.

3. Bloons TD 6

This is one of the most action-filled game in the Tower Defence genre. You will be massively overwhelmed if you are an action lover. This game allows you to build different strategies to defend your towers. It has many difficulties sometimes, but then you have to upgrade your monkey towers. You can also update your hero, his weapons, his abilities, etc.

Bloons TD 6 is a game where you will have to face enemies almost at every stage. You can’t move to a different place without fighting. This action builds the interest and can take your hours in playing this awesome game.

You will be able to create your own creature and craft his abilities. The game is designed in such a way that it can be played even if you are not connected to a network port. But that option is just available in a single-player type. The upgrades are very huge and extreme.

Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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