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The best idle games that pay real money in 2021

Finding the best idle games that pay real money? There are many such games in the play store and app store, which offers little cash prizes when you play the game. Either you receive the money, or you get gift cards. However, apart from earning money, these games are much more fun than they seem to be. And while sitting idle, playing a small game for a while with getting some reward for that. Doesn’t sound like a bad option. Some games are even so easy that you have to click the mouse to play them. At the same time, that’s the case for idle PC games. This article will be listing a mixture of the best idle games iOS 2020, Android, and PC.

You can play these incremental games as many times as you want. Once you are adaptive with the game, you will find more ways to extend them and become more efficient. There are many games where you don’t even have to move the mouse or your fingers anywhere. You have to tap or click at a particular place to increment the game. Also, many games start and notify you automatically when you are sitting idle.

Basic interface of these games

All such games have not indulged with any gaming concept or using strategy. You have to click to proceed. Sometimes, you may find these games boring, but getting a little money for just connecting, takes away everything. The more the number of clicks, more is the progress you make in the game. These have integrated the automation with clicks to make users use it more frequently. Such kind of concept in gaming came only a few years back. It is more intriguing to understand the behavior and algorithm behind these games.

A fascinating fact about them is they manage to get more attention from their users. Simple clickable best role-playing games are common in those people who can do gaming every day for few minutes only. Many times these feel relaxing also. Like studying for a few hours and while taking a break. Due to the easy user interface and no complexity. Anyone can freshen up their mood by playing these best idle RPG games on Android that pays real money.

These games are now gaining much popularity all over the gaming community. Even on steam, most of the recommended games for regular play are these clickable games. These are overwhelming, and also, you don’t have to spend a penny for playing them as the market is bulged up with so many idle games. We have done the hard work for you by choosing the best idle games. The list contains a mixture of such games that can be played on PC, Android, and iOS.


Top 5 best idle games pay real money in 2021


This game is surely nowhere connected with reality. In this game, you start from a lemonade stall. Here you are starred as an entrepreneur who has big dreams and even achieves them too. This also has an investment angle attached to decide which business you should star and invest in. However, being a clicker game, you don’t get to live that life in the game. You have to click.

After earning some money from the lemonade stall, you do various other jobs. You start making pizzas. Leading to which you got to manage a hockey team. With the growth of money in your bank account, you start taking on various enterprises. You invest in many businesses and earn high profits from them. You will also begin to make movies and, eventually, even run a bank. All of this just by clicking. If only such capitalism were marked in real life too. However, these games tend to be a little addictive as you have nothing to do. Just click and earn profits.

best idle games
Adventure Capitalist

As the business is expanding, it becomes tough for you to manage all of them together. For that purpose, you hire numerous managers to take charge of them. By this, you won’t be pulling out from any business and keep the money rolling in your bank account. Having various ventures will give you more exposure to different experiences. Even when you are not in the game, still your ventures will be earning you profit. That makes it suitable to best idle games for PC.

Seeing the growth of ventures and money in your account, ADVENTURE Capitalist becomes an addictive game. Such clicker games are not advised to be played for longer hours. As these also affect the mentality of the person. Everyone should understand that money and growth can be found only by working hard.

Realm Grinder

This is one of the best idle RPG games, Android. And the interface is extremely simple. In this game, you are the king of the kingdom. You are given the task to build up the empire to earn money from it. As you receive income, you invest it on other lands and develop that are.

Along with the development of your kingdom, you need to expand it also. The game includes inns in your domain. Also, it would help if you extended more inns in the area. And you also have blacksmiths in the game. 

Realm Grinder
Realm Grinder

With the comprehensive income from buildings’ economy, you can choose to make connections with various other kingdoms. Also, you can create relations with other creatures too to expand your power. This role-playing game is worth the clicks and have a certain background also. The game is interesting and very simple. Those who love RPG and RTS games will have a different fondness for this one. 

This best idle RPG game also pays you real money for spending hours on it. As said above, clicker games are always addictive. However, the game is full of various turns and modes. You can choose the different methods and set the desired fantasy to chase. Again, you will be totally satisfied with all the graphics and the quality of the game. You have to click the realm and build a building. These inns will generate your income, and the blacksmiths will collect the coins even when you are offline. So that way, even without playing, you are developing an income that can be used for various alliances. 

 Realm grinder holds its place in best idle games as it has a different pattern. It is not only a clicker game, but you also need to choose what kind of ruler you want to be. And then how you will be generating the income. You will get various building options. You can choose either a good or bad direction for your kingdom’s journey.

With this choice, you open different fantasy doors for yourself. You can explore them all as Realm Grinder is just not like any other clicker games. Most clicker games don’t allow re-playability, because of which you can’t explore other options. But Realm Grinder enables various possibilities to visit and see multiple fantasies. However, if you leave a story in the middle, your whole journey will restart if you call it again. 

Clicker Heroes

If ultimate clicking is what you want, this is your game. It would help if you were a click monster for this game. In the game, you have to click and damage the monster. Initially, you will alone and fight like a lone warrior. But once you level up, you will get various other creatures to ally you to damage and kill enemies.

Along with you, you will have to keep boosting your allies’ power also. You can do so with coins. Their level should also be around you so that it becomes easy to defend the monsters. Intensive clicking in the game makes it a vast clicker game of all. You will even get various powers, and your allies will, too, have some special abilities. You need to choose the right ones while fighting a monster. 

best idle games
Clicker Heroes

The more intriguing part about this game is the rapidly growing number from digit to digit. This is the best idle game iOS 2020. However, this is not an RPG game, but it is included among the RPG games due to the character. The game is about intense clicking, but the choice you need to make among your allies also plays a role.

However, like the previous one, this does not include the wrong path of options. As whatever you choose will be serving out more damage. And as the damage meter increases, the game continues. This incremental game is best to play when stressed out about something or maybe angry with something or someone. 

I think this has been included in RPG games because of your journey from a single hero, a lone warrior. From fighting alone to gathering a group of allies, it is a part of the trip, making it a role-playing game. Also, most of the idle or incremental games fit into this RPG tag. This is because with every click, you grow, with which the character becomes stronger. Then they get upgraded and becomes more powerful in facing challenges. 

Crusaders of the Lost Idols

This is one game that is a mixture of RPG as well as Sidescroller genre games. But with that, a complete package of clicker games. Here you are marked as an in-charge of a bunch of various other characters. All these characters have their unique heroic power, which you will be deciding when to choose. These character heroes are crusaders, which you can upgrade or even get more with the winning gold. Also, you have to keep upgrading your crusaders’ abilities so that you don’t face difficulty against enemies. This game is more like clicker heroes, but this is a PC game. 

Crusaders of the Lost Idols
Crusaders of the Lost Idols

Again, here you have to dish out as much possible damage on the enemies as you can. Here one more thing that is crucial in the formation of crusaders. You must be knowing the abilities of all of them. So you have to arrange them accordingly so that when you all attack, it turns out to dish maximum damage. 

Cookie Clicker

This is one of the initial clicking games that came into the market. However, the game has not been much changed since it is launched but gives the real taste of clicker games. You click on a cookie to earn a cookie. It would help if you were making enough cookies to get more cookies.

Also, by making it an RPG game, you can grow the cookie business by baking more cookies. You can hire another character available, either grandma or helper, to dish out more cookies. As the number of cookies, you will get more the number of clicks. The game is just about clicking and nothing more. 


best idle games
Cookie Clicker

Once you reach a big amount of cookies, you can go for other options available like chips. However, to make it a little more interesting, makers do add mini-games to the game. You can play these small games to earn more cookies. This game is also included in the best cooking games. So, you can check those out too. However, the game also allows you to take part in cookie challenges to market your cookies and increase the count. 

Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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