Evan Rutchik: Helping Entrepreneurs Grow Leveraging AdTech

You heard about renowned personalities like Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. The common thing about these personalities is that they believe in hard work and persistence to gain success. But have you ever heard about Evan Rutchik, the expert in advertising technology who helped many businesses to thrive in the digital world?

However, the competition has evolved dramatically in driving leads to the company and recruiting clients is tough in today’s world. You can rely on something other than the website to make your business successful, but you need the help of AdTech to advertise your business successfully.

This post will help you know more about Evan Rutchik and his contributions to advertising technology.

Who is Evan Rutchik?

Evan is a renowned business tycoon known for leading the expansion of advertising technology. He is one of the crucial contributors in the modern world, who established many trusts, including Teal Walk and Jimmy Fund, to support deprived people in the community. He believes in non-profits or charities and made education initiatives for underprivileged communities achievable and authentic.

Why is Evan known as AdTech Expert?

Evan Rutchik began his career in advertising technology in 2009 when he joined the start-up offer Mobi. Offer Mobi was an interconnected mobile network focused on attaching advertisers with the publishers to drive mobile installation and lead generation. Evan is a frontiersperson in adtech and helps companies achieve their targeted audience through different media platforms. It’s a tool, software, and program to advertise the brand’s product digitally. Moreover, it analyses or delivers the data to make digital promotion campaigns succeed.

AdTech is not for the digital process; selecting the topic and making the strategy is also an element of it. AdTech entirely works on the customer’s data, which helps form a personalized ad experience. If your ad is more personalized, more audience will likely click on it. Additionally, AdTech gives the brand a better Return on Investment than the traditional marketing method.

Educational Background and Professional Experience


Evan was born in the United States. He completed his schooling in New York and has deep academic knowledge in advertising and management. He has a dual Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management, and S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Rutchik also completed an MBA in Finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing from New York University. He laid the groundwork for his supervision as an AdTech expert as an undergraduate during a pivotal and transitional time in marketing.

Professional Experience

Evan is an expert in advertising technology and has an equivalent experience in AdTech. He uses his expertise and knowledge to leave businesses a benchmark in their field of expertise. Currently, he is the CEO of the Local Factor Group and is responsible for the company’s major decision and importance processes.

At Yield Bot, Evan was a senior vice president from 2012 to 2016. With careful consideration of skills and experience, he gathered a team of the best sales executive to benefit the company. Being a vice present at Yieldbot, he has managed a group of the salesperson and generated $60 million in earnings in his work tenure.

Evan was working as a president of the North and South American divisions at Ogury. His role as a president was to manage the inclusive P&L of the area. In this job, he leads the company’s revenue, marketing, operation, and supply.


To conclude, Evan is a well-known entrepreneur and a renowned name in advertisement technology. He is a dynamic businessman who has helped many small and big businesses by leveraging technology and advertising techniques. He has years of experience in the advertising field and desires to help people leverage the potential of advertising technology.

Evan always wants industrialists to gain success by advertising their businesses affordably and efficiently and accumulating most of their campaigns.

Hopefully, this post helps you understand who’s Evan Rutchik and how advertisement technology can boost the productivity of your business.

Written by Mohit Rajora

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