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10 Best Websites for Free Online Learning

With the advancement in science and technology, we have been able to connect to people across borders. People living in far-off places can meet their loved ones, and work from home concept is now a reality. With the COVID-19 pandemic haunting the globe, the online sector is in high demand. The schools and colleges are being shut down, and online classes are here as a cover-up. Teachers can conduct live classes, and students can learn from video lectures. Have a look at the best websites for online learning for students.

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Top 10 Best Websites for Online Learning for Students

We will be introducing you to the 10 best websites plus one additional online learning school that you guys can use to boost your career and raise the ladder faster. If you are interested in a career that is not fairly technical and wants to grow in a non-traditional profession, well, we got you covered here. Let’s get started.

1. Great Learning

Great Learning is an ed-tech platform offering online courses and programs designed to help professionals and students upgrade their skills. These programs are designed to provide an academic experience that is highly personalized, interactive, and engaging.

Great Learning
Great Learning

Great Learning offers a variety of free courses and PG programs in collaboration with world-class universities across the globe, covering a range of topics, including artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, digital marketing, cloud computing, cyber security, business analytics, management, software development, sales, and design thinking. All of their courses are taught by experienced industry professionals and are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject. They also provide a range of additional resources, such as case studies, hands-on projects, and industry connections.

This ed-tech platform also provides a range of other services, such as career guidance, professional development, and corporate training. They also offer a range of tools and services to help students and professionals stay up to date with the latest industry trends.

Great Learning is committed to providing a high-quality learning experience and helping students and professionals reach their goals. They strive to stay ahead of the curve on the latest developments in the industry and provide a comprehensive learning experience to help learners gain the skills they need to succeed.


Starting with traditional online learning, this is the one-stop Edtechcompany for all your schooling. Byju’s is an Edtech giant that was founded in 2011, focusing on teaching the core subjects of schools, i.e., Maths, Science. Often criticized typical education system is getting a huge makeover by Byju’s.


Here you can learn everything from classes 1 to 12 and also prepare for Management careers where the teaching is in the form of an audiovisual format. The visualization is in the form of 3D diagrams and a storyline, which makes it easier to understand and remember. Although all this comes for a price that only a small cut of people are willing to pay.

3. Lynda

Lynda is one of the leading companies for online learning for skills related to technology, commerce, and other creative stuff. The company, now owned and operated by LinkedIn has been able to bring out the collective potential of both companies. Having a professional portfolio along with certified learnings to make it stronger; is something really gives a career boost to opportunistic people.


You can learn Graphic Designing, Software Development, Digital Marketing, and many more. Although this website is for students who are starting a new career and are trying to learn, develop, and build a professional setup.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a global education marketplace that has over 30 million students and provides 100,000 courses in over 50 languages. Impressive? Yes, it is! This educational platform is widely described as one of the best websites for online learning for students. With over multiple languages, it breaks the language barrier and has over 22 million minutes of video instruction.


The best thing about this platform is that, unlike any other online educational platform, it is not driven by any college or community; it allows people to become teachers and reach millions of people online. Hence, being a platform where people can share their ideas, it is one of the best websites for online learning for students.

5. SkillShare

SkillShare is another online learning platform that has been hustling for a while now. The website is best suited for students. This website is a great learning platform if you are willing to learn some skills such as Music, Photography, Software Development, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, etc. The subscription is also pocket friendly as it aims to educate and engage with the younger generation, which is yet to step into the professional world.


If you are a youngster with confused thoughts about career and stream to join, then just give this website a try. Consume the free content related to the bunch of streams that you are interested in, and you will be far more clear about your choice of stream.

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6. Stanford Online

Every leading university in the world has realized the importance of online presence, and so is this one on the list. Stanford University is offering loads of free online courses to engage students. The early learning of students has become crucial in this cut-throat corporate environment, and getting a head start from one of the most prestigious universities, is the best low-hanging fruit you can grab.

Stanford Online
Stanford Online

The website is best suited for undergraduates as the major courses are from Stanford’s Law and Business Schools with undergraduate content. This website is also helpful for graduates as they offer executive programs and professional certificates along with advanced degrees. However, this comes for a price, which is not a huge investment when it comes to your career.

All the websites, as mentioned above, will cover you guys from technical to non-technical learning, which may include Music, Arts, Law, Medical Sciences, Management, etc. The prime aim of this article is to give direction to the students who are about to start their careers and enter the second phase of their life. But before we say Ciao! Here’s a bonus online learning platform for those having a career in the corporate world and want to climb the ladder faster

7. Khan Academy

When we talk about the best websites for online learning for students, Khan Academy will always be a big name on the list. This is a non-profit platform, and it aims to provide a free and world-class education for everyone. The best part about this academy is that it is free for both the teachers and students.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

This academy includes important subjects like mathematics, grammar, history, and science. The founding partners include Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google and Ann & Jon Doerr, and many more to name. As this academy aims to provide free and high-class education, it is one of the best websites for online learning for students.

8. Coursera

With more than 35 million learners, Coursera is one of the best websites for online learning for students. It has over 150 university partners, 2700 courses, and 250 specializations and multiple degrees to offer. The price of the courses ranges from 29USD to 99USD.


The instructors include experts from the world’s top universities and colleges. You can also opt for a course certificate once you have completed the course. Hence, with a high-class education sector, Coursera is one of the best websites for online learning for students.

9. edX

What comes to your mind when you hear the terms Havard and MIT? Yes, high-class education! Founded by these two colleges, edX is a non-profit educational platform that seeks to remove the main barriers of education. These barriers include cost, location, and access. With over 20 million learners and 2,400 courses for a majority of top-ranked universities in the world. It is arguably the best website for online learning for students.


Now, the student won’t face the location barrier as he/she can access the class via mobile phones, laptops, and any gadgets. Open edX is the platform behind edX, and it provides a chance to educators and technologists who wish to develop new educational tools. Apart from providing free courses, it also offers many free courses. Hence, it is widely considered as one of the best websites for online learning for students.

10. Codeacademy

If coding is a sector that fascinates you, then Codeacademy is a platform that has been made for you. It is an interactive platform that teaches the students how to code in multiple languages. Hence, for coders, it is one of the best websites for online learning for students. You can complete most of the free courses available in 11 hours, and it has helped many people to learn the coding languages.


With many courses like web development, programming, and data science, it has helped many people to get employed. Codeacademy alums are presently working at Google, Facebook, IBM, and Bloomberg. Hence, when it comes to quality, it is no doubt that it is the best when we talk about programming. As the information technology sector has been taking giant steps towards the development of humankind. It is no doubt that Codecademy will be the biggest name in the list of best websites for online learning for students. So, make sure to keep an eye on various offers they will present for their users.

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Harvard Business School Online

This one could not make a list since it focuses on the learners from the corporate world or the people who are already into the business. Harvard Business School Online is the best cherry on top after you have already completed a course from the websites mentioned above and want to give it a great polish to make your portfolio shine. The platform offers multiple courses such as Business Analytics, Alternative Investments, Disruptive Strategy, and many more.

Harvard Online School
Harvard Online School

If observed carefully, you will understand how important these subjects are, no matter what field you are working in, let it be Music or Software Development; In the end, it all comes down to business (making money). The investment here starts from at least $1050, making sure of getting only the serious and genuine students into the courses.

Well, that’s all from my side, I hope this article was helpful, and any suggestions and questions are welcome.


The best websites for online learning for students will vary from person to person. However, it depends upon the skill you wish to add to your resume. It is never too late to learn a new skill and develop the ideas that will help you serve the people. We hope that this list will help you sort out the best websites for online learning for students.

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