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10 Best Epub Readers for Windows (2020)

These are the days of many technological feats. Your phones have more computational power than the most powerful computers designed ten years ago. There is a dedicated device for everything that you want, need. There is a device for your music, your entertainment, and your reading too. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the best epub reader for Windows and PC.

While there are specific devices made for reading books, those come with a hefty price tag. Not only is the device costly, but the books you want in your library also come with a price tag. But, nowadays you can read books anywhere you want to.

Top 10 Epub Readers for Windows PC

Reading Epub books on your Windows machine gives a very old-school mechanical feel. It comes the closest to the real paper book reading feeling. It is even better if you have one of these 2-1 in-1 laptop models as it makes it more convenient to hold the device in only one of your hands.

The only software you need to make that reading-utopia true is an epub reader for windows. As we all very well know, not everything is created equally, and this is true for Epub readers too.


We have compiled a list of Best Epub Reader Windows. 

#1 Calibre

Calibre is the best epub reader windows 10 and is also one of the oldest epub reader windows. The best part is the fact that this app is feature jammed.

It allows you to do things like downloading Epubs, managing your metadata, transfer of your precious books to another device, and even add book covers to the book you downloaded.


You can even convert a book from one format to another. Calibre is not only designed for Epub novels but can also be used with magazines, comics, and more.

If you are looking for a good epub reader for windows 10, Calibre definitely tops our list because of all of its features. You can download it here.

#2 Icecream Epub Reader

Icecream Epub Reader comes from Icecream apps that are an app studio. They have developed some fine apps that work with Windows PCs, and this reader is one of them.

This reader is most probably the best epub reader because with looking good, it also manages to pack a ton of features.

Icecream Ebook Reader

It has some key features like full-screen mode support, an extraordinary searching feature, easy page-turning, reading progress bar and tracking, support for multiple languages, and lots more.

This Epub reader not only supports Epub format but also works with Mobi, FB2, and more. You can download this epub reader for windows from here.

#3 Cover

The cover is an app made essentially for comic books. It allows you to read comics on your Windows PC. But, Cover also features the Epub format now.

There is a very specific reason that this app has made into this list of epub readers for windows. Since it was originally designed for comics, it works very well with Epub books with heavy image content.


All the other Epub readers in this list also can handle images, but Cover does it abnormally well with images. So, if you have books with lots of images, then, this epub reader for windows is definitely the best for you. You can get this epub reader for windows from here.

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#4 Kobo

Kobo is a kindle-like ebook reader app. It is not only an Epub reader but also has its own service, which allows you to buy books from its store. It is also a free epub reader. The criteria in which it outperforms kindle is that it supports the Epub format too.


With it, the app brings all the regular tools that accompany normal Epub readers. These features include search, bookmarks, progress tracking, and a lot more.

But, by far, the best part of this reader is its store, which allows you to buy and browse from a collection of over 5 million eBooks. You can download this epub reader for windows from here.

#5 Nook

If you do read books, then there is an almost-zero possibility that you haven’t heard of Barnes and Noble, the world’s largest bookseller. Amazon’s success with its Kindle platform made Barnes and Noble also to dip their toes into the e-reader territory.

Hence, they came up with Nook, an epub reader for windows where like the Epub reader Kobo, you are not only getting an e-book reader but also are getting access to their store.


You have to sign up for the service and can also get a 14-day-trial period in which you can test out the reader and see whether you like it or not. After the termination of your trial period, you can buy the book or subscribe to any of the magazine newsletters that you are interested in.

You can customize your reading experience with changeable fonts and themes, also you can sync your books across all your devices. You can download this epub reader for windows here.

#6 Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe is a software giant known to make all kinds of software. This epub reader for windows is also an example of that. Adobe Digital Editions is an epub reader for windows which allows the readers to go through their favorite titles.

Adobe Digital Editions has one of the best features of all – it supports the EPUB3 standard, which makes your whole reading experience wonderful. This app can also work as an epub file reader.

Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions

It gives you support for the right to left reading, dynamic image resizing without any loss in clarity, and a lot more. It also has added features, as if all these weren’t enough. They have amazing search capabilities, the ability to rent or borrow Epub versions of books, multi-lingual support, etc.

You can even highlight and make notes too. If you want a good Epub reading experience, with top-of-the-line specs, Adobe Digital Edition is the correct option for you. You can download this epub reader for windows from here.

#7 Freda

This epub reader for windows is best known for its looks. It has a clean, elegant, and very pleasing-to-look design. The app looks like an in-built Windows 10 app and makes your epub reading experience substantially stand out. You can customize this app using its many theming options and can make the app look the way you want it.


It also supports a ton of other formats other than Epub, like FB2, HTML, Mobi, and even TXT. The best part of this app is that it gives you access to more than 50,000 classic books from Feedbooks, Gutenberg, and other online sources.

The looks of this app are really extraordinary, and if they matter to you, you should definitely give Freda a try. You can download this epub reader for windows here.

#8 Bibliovore

Bibliovore is another exceptionally good epub reader for windows, as it can be very easily downloaded from the Windows store. Also, another good news is that it is free. The main feature of this app is its organizational abilities.


It makes arranging even a large library of books a breeze. With this epub reader for windows also comes all the basic functions like font manipulation, reading themes, night mode, etc.

Even if this app is free, that can’t stop you from uploading your books to OneDrive. To download this epub reader for windows, go here.

#9 Bookviser

Bookviser is an epub reader for windows that wants to give the user the feel of reading a physical book. The app developers have designed the user interface in such a way that it feels like it is the real thing. If you don’t like the user interface, you can go to the settings and change it.

Bookviser Reader
Bookviser Reader

Just like Freda, Bookviser allows you to download classic books from sources like Feedbooks and Gutenberg. Other normal Epub reader features can also be found in this reader. You can get this epub reader for windows here.

#10 EpubReader

EpubReader is the last epub reader for windows on our list. It is the only paid epub reader on this list and is pretty simple to get the hang of.

This ebook reader allows you to download books from predefined and personal sources. It allows you easy management of your library and can also track your reading progress.

Epub Reader

Epub ReaderOne big and amazing feature of this reader is that you can transfer your entire library to an external SD card or to OneDrive.

Therefore, this app can be a great advantage as it is great at getting you the books and keeping them from cluttering your memory. You can download this epub reader for windows here.


Summing Up

Ebooks are a recent invention, and it is very easy to understand why people like them so much. These epub readers give you the advantage of being able to read your whole library out of your pocket. No need to save space in your suitcase for your favorite novels. Do check out all these apps and explore the world of E-books!

Written by Aloukik Rathore

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