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Best Android Emulators for PC – Windows & Mac 2020

In the computer world, an emulator is anything that allows your computer (or host) to behave like the system of another computer system (the guest). An emulator allows the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system.

Many vintage video game enthusiasts also have used emulators to play long-forgotten old arcade games. Those emulators use the arcade’s machine code and data to make these old games compatible with our modern-day machines.

Android Emulators: What are they?

These days, as android gains popularity, android emulators have become quite popular nowadays. If you want to run your Windows or Mac PC on android, there is no lack of android emulators for pc in the market. Users of android emulators want the experience of android OS in a Windows system with the convenience of a mouse and a keyboard.

Or, you might want to run your android-specific games on a big screen. Android app developers also can debug their apps right on to their computers. All these reasons may tempt you to use an android emulator for PC. Don’t worry, and we have compiled an extensive list of 10 best android emulators for PC – Windows & Mac 2020. 


Top 10 Best Android Emulators for PC (Windows and Mac)

1. Remix OS Player


Remix OS Player is a free android emulator for pc based on the Android operating system Marshmallow. This is one of the best android emulators for Windows. The first run of the Remix OS Player lets you see the interface, complete with the iconic taskbar at the bottom. There is an app called Remix Central App that recommends the latest and all the trending apps. It supports the Google Play Store, allowing you to download apps without any obstacles.

The tremendously satisfying feeling of pressing buttons while playing games is preserved rightly by this emulator. You can map specific keyboard buttons and run multiple games simultaneously on one screen. Remix OS Player is an option that deserves your consideration as it is one of the few emulators running on newer android versions like the Android OS 6.0 (Marshmallow).

2. Nox Player


Nox Player is also one of the best android emulators that are made by keeping gamers in mind. The emulator works great for your other android emulator jobs, too, like developing apps. But, the app is optimized for playing massive and popular games like PUBG or Justice League.

The best part about this exceptional android emulator for pc is that it is completely free. It doesn’t even have sponsored ads. This emulator also gives you the privilege of mapping keys of the keyboard or the mouse to perform specific functions. If rooting Android is your prime intention, Nox Player makes it very easy to root the virtual device (your device) in no time at all.  

3. BlueStacks


BlueStacks is one of the most known android emulators for pc amongst all android users. This emulator is also preferred for playing games, especially to play android games on mac. It is astoundingly easy to set up. In this emulator, you also have the option of downloading BlueStacks optimized apps from its own app store.

BlueStacks does support keyboard mapping, but it does not do very well with gestures. A major drawback in this android emulator for pc is that it gets quite torpid for productivity apps. You can see it lagging and finding it difficult to catch up. Other than that, it is great for gamers as it performs very well with games. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows. 

4. MEmu


MEmu is one of the relatively new android emulators for pc.  If you’ve wondered how to play games on pc, then this is your answer. MEmu was launched in 2015, and the MEmu Play is again based on gaming. Like the others, this android emulator can replicate the speeds of Nox and Bluestacks.

The best feature of this android emulator for pc can support both AMD and Nvidia chips. It also supports various android versions like Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop too. The graphics performance of this android emulator is not that good, even though it is focused on gaming. At least, it works well with productivity apps. However, it is compatible only with Windows, not for Macs. 

5. Ko Player


Ko Player, just like other android emulators for pc, Ko Player, also focuses on delivering a fast and smooth gaming experience. You can run android apps on mac with this emulator. The player itself is free of cost, but some ads do pop-up here and there.

There is also another downside is that it sometimes might freeze up sometimes. It also is a little bit buggy, still. That is what may be causing the app to be difficult to uninstall for the users. This android emulator for pc is agreeable with Windows and Mac both.

6. Genymotion


This is one of the rare android emulators for pc that is targeted at app developers. This emulator is not your run-of-the-mill, casual emulator. This emulator allows you to test a range of apps in a range of android versions.

Because of its developer-targeted-audience, it has many developer-friendly features. Genymotion is not the right choice for someone looking for an android emulator for gaming. It is even compatible with Android Studio and Android SDK. It has great compatibility and can go well with Windows, Macs and even Linux OS. 

7. Droid4X


Droid4X is an android system simulator that runs amazingly on the OS of your Windows or Mac. It is an android system, complete with Google Play, other functional apps, and networking (WiFi). You can basically do anything that you do with a regular android device.

That includes playing games, installing apps, configure settings, etc. It runs Android version 4.2.2. It is an android emulator for pc that can run for both Macs and Windows devices. 

8. Android Studio Emulator

Android Studio Emulator
Android Studio Emulator

Android Studio Emulator is not completely an android emulator for pc, but it is an IDE (integrated development interface) from the tech-giant Google. This was made specifically to cater to the needs of android app developers. It comes with a bunch of variety of tools and plugins to help the app developers build, test, and debug their apps.

Android Studio also has a built-in emulator, but it packs a meager amount of features. It has features that are even lesser than Genymotion. It is not for the heavy gamers and for the general use of the consumer. This emulator is specifically meant to serve the developers, and it does a good job at that. It is a little bit tough to set up, but that is a favorite amongst developers. It is compatible with both Macs and Windows. 

9. ARChon


ARChon is not a very popular android emulator for pc, and it also does not have a fan-following that other android emulators for pc in this list have. It is just a fix to run android apps on Chrome OS. It all began when Google bought support for some apps on the Chrome Web Browser, and a Github developer took it a little further.

They released ARChon to run all android apps on chrome. It is not suited for hard-core gamers, but it can be used very productively with productivity apps. It is compatible with both Macs and Windows. 

10. Bliss OS


Bliss OS is a nit different than all android emulators for pc in this list. It is Android itself that has to be installed as a separate OS, whereas other emulators just ’emulate Android.’ For the installation process, you could create a bootable USB drive and install Bliss OS ROM on external storage.

Installing Bliss OS is always the best option if you are looking at getting the exact android experience on your pc. It is also an open-sourced software and does not adorn ads to disturb you. However, it is compatible only with Windows systems. 

Final Words

All the points android emulators for pc are the best that the emulator world has to offer. All of these apps cater to different audiences, and hence their performance also varies. But, if you still were to search for the fastest android emulator, it would be Nox App Player.

Remix OS Player is the most popular one due to its user-friendliness. BlueStacks could also be the emulator for you if you are looking for speed. The main target of Android Studio Emulator is the developers.

Hence, whatever purpose you need an emulator for, we are sure that you will find the emulator of your choice in this list above of best android emulators for pc. So, the only way for you to know which emulator for you is for you to use all of them and choose the one you like the most.   

Written by Aloukik Rathore

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