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TechStun is one of the largest independent premium technology publishers in the country aimed at cutting through all the hype, the publicity, the marketing and, providing our users with knowledge pertinent to them. We strive to conduct our audience through the increasingly-complex tech world, filter all the data that manifests around us and filter it through a humane lens and filter out the bustle.

Here, at TechStun, we plate up the most sizzling tech news through our articles and help our audiences make better tech-related decisions. We incorporate not only the gadgets and gizmos but the facilities they unlock in your life, the people behind-the-scenes who made it all possible, and the way it is changing the world that you are looking at. At TechStun, we are in love with technology and likewise, want our users to feel the same.

Below are the guidelines for an article:

  1. The article must be at least 1000 words long.
  2. The article must be 100% unique and handwritten.
  3. We will directly reject the copied or spun content. We check all our articles before publishing them on the website. So, don’t waste your valuable time on copy-pasting articles.
  4. The article must contain some relevant images (at least one). The feature image size must be 800px by 450px.
NOTE: We do not accept casino/gambling or any type of adult links on our website.

You can also buy links from existing articles by just contributing a short and small para for your website.

If you’re not into writing and just want a guest post from TechStun. We will deliver a 100% unique and original article for you that will be reader-friendly. You just have to give us your anchor and website detail.

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