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How to Rename AirPods

You can effortlessly rename your AirPods on your iPhone, MacBook, iPad. Airpods are integral in your day-to-day life for a conference, phoning, listening to music etc. When you have more than one device for binding your AirPods it could be difficult for you to recognize connectivity. Knowing how to rename AirPods makes it easier to connect via Bluetooth amongst different devices.

How to Rename AirPods

When you acquire a new AirPods it comes by with your name example (Mahi’s AirPod) which you can rewrite with any name you want which you easily memories among different devices for Bluetooth connectivity.

Requirements for Changing Name on AirPods

  • The major requirement is you can handily recognize your AirPods in packed Bluetooth menus.
  • When the name is ascertained according to your selection it would be susceptible to recall.
  • It will be easy to distinguish from other AirPods if you rename yours.

Steps for How to Rename AirPods

Step 1 First, you need to connect your AirPods to your iPhone to Rename.

Step 2 Locate the settings in your iPhone as shown below:

How to rename Airpods(1)

Step 3 You can see the  Bluetooth option from unlocking the settings click on that.

Step 4 Click on the left side icon of the connected AirPods inscription which you want to remake

How to rename Airpods(2)

*The dot You can see them in the picture tap that

Step 5 The following step is to type the name which you want to rename to the AirPods

Step 6 After that, you can connect to done and see the name is changed.

Steps To Changing The Name Of Airpods On MacBook

Step 1 The key stage is to move to system preference on your MacBook.

Step 2 The additional step is to click on Bluetooth as AirPods are bound via Bluetooth.

Step 3 From the alternatives on your screen select the AirPod name you want to revise and click right

Step 4 You can see the three alternatives

How to Rename Airpods(3)

Pic credit-

Disconnect-Rename-Remove where you can appoint Rename and move further

Step 5 Index the name you want to remake with and click on the rename for confirmation.

Now you are done with your new name on MacBook which you can easily discover.

Steps To Changing the Name of AirPods On Android

Not just iPhone you can revise the name of your AirPod on android Too, here are the steps you have to perform for reversing the name.

Step 1 The android edition of Bluetooth is placed in diverse areas So find the Bluetooth in your phone. It will be in settings.

Step 2 Grip the Bluetooth until you can see the option of your AirPods.

Step 3 You can see the current name of your AirPods click the right side which Indicates the settings icon.

Step 4 Select the name you expect to change according to your fresh choice.

Step 5 The last step is to connect on the done or save icon and see the fresh name of your AirPods.


So, here are the simple phases for changing the name of AirPods on whatever gadget you have. Whether you have an android, Mac, iPad or most popular iPhone. If the new name doesn’t fit you and you wish to change the name similarly you can pursue these instructions again as well.

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