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Best Cooking Games for both Android and PC online in 2020

There are few games out there that can just be refreshing and fun to play all time. One of such titles is the cooking games. Some of the best cooking games even allow you to literally cook and make any dish. These things are very fun to be playing while you get bore by other things. Most kids find these days entertaining. However, the cooking games are mostly like an arcade or something like putting dishes, etc. These can be very relaxing as I have said, even can be played for a larger duration of time. One of the bigger facts about this genre of games is their kid-friendly nature. There are most games around that have too much action and adultness, but we all want kids to stay a bit away from such aggressive games. Here, these cooking games are very fruitful.

So, playing cooking games does not mean you have to make food or put hands-in to cook. Either there are various other interesting activities that you find in the best cooking games. If you find an eagerness to different recipes, and like plating the dishes. These games can offer you entertainment of that sort. Best cooking games online can fulfill those food lust desires in a different way.

What are Cooking games?

However, the main focus of these sorts of games is the management and plating proportions. Best cooking games are both for Android and PC. You can choose either ‘Burger’ for Android or ‘Overcooked’ for PC as both are the best cooking games 2020. In PC, there are many more realistic games different from the Android portions that are mostly arcade types.

Here you can have a more realistic feel of being in a hotel or restaurant and preparing things. So if you are into more exotic cooking and plating, with a more enthusiastic approach towards it. Then you must try these best cooking games online for both the android and PC we have collected for you. These are all kid-friendly and very entertaining. They even teach few management skills to kids which might help them in the future. However, these simulating games also add the level of cooking ability as one of the major integrals of their experience.

Best Cooking Games for Android:

  1. Burger

This one is androids one of the best cooking games as for the fact it is super easy and fully free. Simple tasks of making burgers will be given. Where you will have to assemble the ingredients and plate the order. The rating and levels increase on the basis of your speed. You have to make a decent burger in the least time to proceed further. Also, your level increases as you do so, and then you are going to receive big orders. Further, you might also get the managing opportunity.

Burger- best cooking games

The burger is fun and easy to play the game. You also earn money through it from the other mode available. The career mode is where you make your account and play. You will face somewhere around 300 levels. The game is easy and a decent pass time.

  1. Burger Shop

This game can be said as an updated version of Burger only. As it is similar to it and has some other added features. There you have around 160 levels. Also, you will get to see more modes included in Burger one. In Burger Shop There is an included relax mode. The mode is pretty cool as you have to play simple games in place of making orders in that. But then you will have to compensate for the time if you took too long.

Burger Shop best cooking games
Burger Shop

The overall built-in of the game is good. There are some major improvements to the burger game. The only drawback is that the game is not fully free. It is free on the play store and app store, but there are some in-app purchases. However, you can opt not to take those things and enjoy the simple games.

  1. Cafeteria Nipponica

It is one of the premium games that Kairosoft has bring out. These are the simulator giants and hence their game Nipponica is also one of those. It is an interesting game where player-run an entire cafeteria.

cafeteria nipponica
cafeteria nipponica

And have to do things like preparing food, finding recipes, get ingredients, etc. to satisfy all the demands of their customers.

The overall graphics of the game are somewhat not up to date, but the game itself is joy able. Since this game is a premium one, it is not free. You have to pay a little amount to buy the game, but then there is no in-app purchase which is also a positive takeback.

  1. Cook, serve. Delicious!

Again one of the premium and best cooking games online in 2020. This is the game where you have to earn money and get to a goal. You earn money in Cook, Serve, delicious by making the orders as soon as possible. You give the customer a good experience, he can even pay a few bucks extra for that. The ultimate goal is to make yourself a big and rising star.

cook, serve, dilicious
cook, serve, dilicious

You will be getting small orders initially giving you a little amount. But as you unlock the levels, you will start getting big orders and earn more money. A fun game with a lot to bring to you. As for the moment, this game looks too simple, but it has many hidden secrets for the players. Do try this one out. Yes, as again the game is premium, so it is not free. You have to buy it. Also, this game is not updated for a long time. so once check it and then buy it.

  1. Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook

This is a game that I was referring to in the beginning. This game allows you to do some work by yourself. Like slicing things, doing something in the pan, even use the oven, etc. These things give a more realistic nature to the game. The game is totally free and is very simple to play.

Cooking Mama best cooking games
Cooking Mama

It is a very basic game. Also, it has a few in-game games that you can play. These are small games for weekly challenges and all. Cooking mama is a decent pass time if you have nothing to do. Or if you are not able to refresh your mind.

  1. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

It is similar to almost all the other sim-cooking games. You will have to complete the given orders in time. And also manage customer relations to get positive feedback. Also, in Good Pizza, there are around 100 different characters with all different characteristics and tastes. They will bring all the unique kinds of dishes for you to make. You must do so to earn money.

Good pizza, Great Pizza
Good pizza, Great Pizza

The game is totally free to play and is a good entertainment source. Also, makes you learn to keep the customer relationship positive and have healthy morale. The game becomes interesting as you progress to further levels.

  1. Star Chef

This game exactly similar to the previous game that we read about- Cafeteria Nipponica. Again a very big set of the game with various tasks and hugely built premises. This game is also fun-filled and much more upgraded. You have to grow your business and your restaurant, by managing the orders and fulfilling all the customer desires. The job is to be done on time.

Star Chef best cooking games
Star Chef

The game also allows you to make a star chef special that you can create on your own wish. It will have its own price tag that you will decide. But, if the dish is not up to the mark, then you might also get negative reviews. However, the game is fun and free to play.


Best Cooking Games for PC

  1. Over Cooked 2

This is the best cooking game on PC. It is to be said the best because it is not just simply fulfilling orders, making food, and delivering it. it is more about technique. The game brings you different challenges according to which you will be paid. There are challenges like you have fewer ingredients but then you have to make a full order. Like, you have to re-innovate the dishes and ensure that it satisfies the customer.

Overcooked 2 best cooking game for PC
Overcooked 2

This game is not simple. However, in the beginning, you won’t find anything unique about the game. But as you progress, it gives you different tasks. Also, this game is more about different values. Like teamwork, management, proper time utilization, etc.


  1. Cook, Serve, Delicious 3!

We have already discussed the game while going through the best cooking games for android. Basically, this upgrade for PC is most popular among all the Cook, Serve, Delicious series. This game is more adventurous. Here, you will travel in your food truck and pick up and make orders on your way.  You will visit various places and have to make different types of cuisines mostly street food types.

It has different modes which can surely try out and is also available on Steam. The game is also super interesting and also you will learn about different types of foods.

  1. Cooking Simulator

This game is totally about making food. This game allows you to do work in a solo player mode in FPP. You will be able to cut, prepare, spread, plate, etc. everything by yourself. This gives more of a realistic nature to the game. Also, builds your knowledge of food and cooking. If you love cooking and are not really cooking, you can even pass your time here on cooking.

The game is very easy. It has small challenges and a few small games that you can play. It is a very casual game. As your level increases, you can unlock new ingredients and make more different types of cuisine.

  1. Battle Chef Bridge

This is a very different game from all we have discussed till now. Here, you have to battle and win your ingredients. You will face and fight the monsters, whom you have to defeat and get your cooking ingredients. Remember, the more the ingredients, the better will the food you can make in the kitchen.

Battle Chef best cooking games
Battle Chef

The graphics are also very fine and also have a little puzzle to win a few things. Isn’t the game Battle Chef Bridge sounds intriguing? This game is worth some time and also easily available. From fighting monsters to cooking food, it almost has everything. Must try.


Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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