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The Best TV Brands you Must Consider Before Buying One

Will you like to find the best TV brands? Who were the leading top TV brands in the world? At that point, we only had a handful of brands concerning television. In the Indian market, most of the brands available were 100% Indian brands. Now that’s no longer the case; we have too many best TV brands to consider. And each brand seeks to outdo the other by offering its customers. This provides customers with a very positive atmosphere. Especially those who are online as well as offline looking for a new Smart TV.

One of the problems that consumers are asked is how to pick the right television and how to use it. Certain consumers don’t know exactly what to look for, while others don’t have ample time to view several brands until they list their TV.

What are the features leading to the best TV brands in 2020?

Starting with CRT TVs, the famous Cathode Ray Tube TV. These were the ones that the popular BPL, Videocon, and Onida during that period were using. 

Nowadays, the world of LED TV and LCD TV has been integrating with Android TV and other Smart technologies. Others are the replacement is sold by Apple Inc. and is also a supplement for Google TV and Apple TV.

Please note that the following list is focused partially on data and mostly on the impression that is significant to the Indian audience of our study of various models offering different brands globally. Some may vary entirely from us and may have legitimate reasons for themselves.

From a 24-inch screen to a 65-inch display, you’re able to get everything from standard television to contemporary Smart Tv’s.

If you are such a client, don’t worry; by doing your homework on your behalf, we have made life easy for you. We have seen all the world’s best TV brands and have some of the top TV brands in the world. 


The best TV brands 2020 you should consider before buying.


If you don’t review the new Sony TVs, your hunt for India’s best TV brands will never be over. The first brand to find the best TV brands with LED technology is Sony. It is the biggest brand. Most of us grew up with this brand, and we already know the consistency of this brand.

Sony is still today the country’s largest LED TV seller. Many state-of-the-art TV and brands are frequently introducing as well.

best tv brands

Sony as one of the best TV brands for the picture quality – Features

Most versions now have 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840x2160p). The highest photo quality, hands down. The VA Panel produces high performance from the X-Reality Pro picture engine. The photos look fantastic alongside the HDR and Triluminous displays.

Intelligent TV options to download video from the internet. It was the first brand in India to launch HDR. Now, most of its models have usually been sponsor by HDR. Triluminous Display is another fantastic technology with a wide color spectrum. You do much for the quality of the picture. But on the “SMART” front, they do not have. 

Most budget televisions have simple OS Linux, which is just OK as far as usage is concerning. You only get Android TVs that are better unless you can shell out more.

Up to 4 HDMI ports are there in usual models.

PRO View X-Reality functionality makes even non-HD videos look like videos in high definition by enhancing picture clarity and contrast.


Samsung Electronics is the largest consumer electronics manufacturer in the world. And the biggest smartphone, laptop, TV, memory chip, and semiconductor manufacturer in the world.

Samsung is also the Indian’s most trustworthy company. And the world’s biggest maker of smartphones and selling lower-budget telephones.

This company enjoys the reputation of a respectable house appliance brand in India. Long before Samsung’s smartphones became a favorite brand for millions of Indians. Samsung LED TVs are highly desirable for the cool features that this brand is usually offering.

With the addition of exposure in the smartphone market, the brand’s confidence level has been increasing. Also, Samsung is undoubtedly making its products a big deal.

best tv brands

Samsung, as one of the best TV brands for its popularity- features.

UHD TV models with 4K real-life image quality resolution are available. In terms of image quality, it is among the top two, in our view. They deliver a high image quality thanks to their HyperReal engine and VA panels.

Uses Color Dynamic technology, which can handle 1 billion color shades. They have upgraded their old Purcolor technology with the Active Crystal Color technology. They have further enhanced and have been incorporating the QLED (or Quantum Dots LED). That is possibly the best color technology on the market.

In the adoption of new TV technology, Samsung has been among the leaders. They were one of the first HDR (HDR10, HDR10+) brands to fly to China.

Their QLED TVs carry TV watching to a new level. They also have their new latest curve TVs that provide television audiences with a completely immersive experience.

Speech wizard Bixby can manage commands of voice.

Ultra-slim models to add to your home interiors aesthetics

Smart Hub and Samsung One Remote features select the model that simplifies and clarifies the TV system.

Your Tizen OS is also very intuitive and user-friendly. The OS lies at the bottom of your home screen called the SMART center of your favorite applications. They have a robust app store in the store with the majority of Indian games.



In the Indian LED TV market, Panasonic is also a strong competitor. In modern TVs, the brand features slender designs, super high-quality lighting, good audio quality. And this is also compatible with a variety of smart devices that we have effortlessly today. This brand features all the latest features.

They stand for quality and style, and if you want to pick the best TV brands in India. Then this brand should be considerable. Although, they offer the consumers, like all other top brands, various options. 

best tv brands


Panasonic as one of the best TV brands for its value for money- features

This uses an operating system called My Home Screen, which is an additional feature of OS Firefox.

Dot Noise is also a feature that minimizes the video’s sound in select models to provide a crisp viewing experience.

In comparison to most budget brands on the market, the image quality in Panasonic TVs is very strong. Their TV’s fine remaster engine produces a decent quality of the picture on your IPS screens. It is one of the two brands that use IPS panels for most TVs (along with LG). The IPS panel provides a higher output that, seen at wider angles, does not lose consistency.

With media player integrating multimedia content is available directly from the USB memory sticks.

Your new TVs are HDR (HDR10, HDR10+ & HLG) support. And a furnish with Hexa-Chroma Drive technology, a wide range of colors. High-end innovations such as OLED and QLED are what they lack.

Voice contact by remote control with the television or smartphone with VIERA remote two installations in selected models.

Spoken Web searches in selected models are possible.

In reality, with their new Sanyo line, they are now entering the budget TV segment as well.

At an affordable price, all premium goods are available for you. The technology they lack is now expensive, and thus, the strength of Panasonic is affected.


Some of today’s most common LED TVs are LG. This brand was one of the Indian customers’ most trust-worthy brands. Since most of us must have been using one of this brand’s many home appliances. For several reasons, Indian customers extremely like LG TVs.

LG is one of the brands that already have AI incorporation and its technology as all brands speak of AI-Artificial Intelligence integration.

We assume that LG is the right technology to implement. Also, they have exceptional OLED panels, which compete well with Samsung’s QLEDs. They use Dolby Vision in many of their TVs to enhance contrast, which is Dolby’s proprietary standard that enhances HDR. Though, LG TV’s support Dolby Vision is the only one.


LG being the longest-lasting TV brand with Smart technological updates – features

4K UHD screen in models of choice. When it comes to picture quality, LG is one of the top 3 (including Sony and Samsung). Compared to Sony & Samsung VA panels. Also, LG uses IPS panels. The contrast between VA panels is stronger because the IPS panels are light but do not handle darkness. However, the angle and color production of IPS panels is even higher. The pictorial motor of LG is also pretty good.

Also, it comes with an integrated Alexa and Google Assistant. No extended systems must be used.

The Nano Cell Display technology renders amazing pictures for big color. And, LG is also the first brand to add several AI features to its TVs for user experience enhancement.

Synchronization is easy on Apple devices.

LG’s Web OS is the best operating system on the market. This device beats any operator on the market with its wide range of content in its app store and intuitive design. Also, LG has introduced a remote control AI interface in its TVs to offer television voice control. No other best TV brands have so thoroughly launched AI that LG did.

Select models can access all intelligent devices in the house through your TV.

Also the sound tuning feature with one touch in selected models

Bluetooth, wireless, HDMI, LAN, and USB networking.

Your webOS, AI interface, and experience, in general, are awesome. They’re just not as pricey as Sony or Samsung from the price standpoint. Moreover, they give a comparative quality of the picture. You’re giving your buck a real bang.


Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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