9 Best Free MMO Role-Playing Games to Play

Gaming, just like music or movies, is one of the most enjoyable things to engage in. Having multiplayer games where you can easily punish your friends with your skills makes it even more fun. Have you ever thought about the best free MMO role-playing games ever?

Beyond physically taunting your friends on Xbox multiplayer games, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing games (MMORPGs) presents you with even better bragging rights to compete with thousands of other players. Just that, this time, you might meet your waterloo!

Although one can argue that premium MMORPGs give the best gameplay experience, today, the free online games domain has evolved past just MOBAs and Runescape. It now boasts shooters, space games, and Warcraft-grade games that can rival the likes of Overwatch, Elite, and World of Warcraft.

But, is it about having tonnes of free MMOs or getting to play the best?

Because we know you’re the best and deserve only the best, we’ve taken time to curate the best free MMO role-playing games to play without splurging some cash.

9 Best MMO Role-Playing Games to Play

The idea of this post is to present the chance to transverse vast orgasmic virtual worlds by giving you the best free MMO Role-Playing Games to play. So, you jump on the train! It’s about to get real. These are one of the best games that will keep you indulged in them for hours.


A work of ArenaNet, Guild War 2, is dedicated to giving players a dynamic experience beyond the traditional quests in the game world. It is built around your experience on the roads – the decisions you make, the actions you take, and people you meet rather than a race to a destination.

Guild War 2
Guild War 2

It has several types of gameplay with a structured PvP where you can either enjoy the World vs. World, teams of five against each other, and a series of open-world PvP. The expansive crafting system and massive progressive character customization make it one of the best free MMO Role-Playing Games to play.

It has a horizontal progression approach where you have to move from the top-tier gear to the high-end gameplay by acquiring new skins to customize and improve your character look. There is no instant grind!

Although the auto-level cap of 80 limits the difficulty you can reach, Guild War 2 offers moment-to-moment fun with action-oriented, skill-based gameplay.

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Star Wars – The Old Republic MMO game offers every Star Wars fan something to cling to. Designed in puzzle-like combat, it is one the best free MMO Role-Playing Games to play any time, any day!

Especially for people who fancy slave-turned sith or an Imperial agent game, star wars – old republic is the game to try.

Star Wars the Old Republic
Star Wars the Old Republic

One interesting fact about it is that it offers a player-choice driven progression and an opportunity to explore the game as a single-player quest.

It has a voiced dialogue with awesome class-specific narratives and backstory that will keep the player immersed. With a varying form of on-rails space combat and PvP playstyles, it offers great gameplay experience.


Rift is popular for the titular portals rifts that unpredictably open up across the arcade world, spawning in gigantic enemies forcing the players to band together to repel these massive attacks! Another great feature that makes rift a standout MMO RPG to play is the adaptation to a multitude of play styles.


You can create a variety of builds, with the most flexible class systems of the genre. The mage, rogue, warrior, cleric, and the two opposing factions of the Guardians or the Defiant are amongst numbers of class it boasts.

It is so dynamic and intriguing with a great level of customization with a steep original learning curve.


A game based on the fictional Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter, Neverwinter is a top-notch role-playing board game. With the option to choose from eight different character classes, the gameplay experience is one to look for.


It has a linear approach of progression with a Darksiders-Esque combat style. The combats are action-oriented, making players aim their spells for them to connect.


With its unique low-poly graphics and color designs, Maplestory 2 differentiates itself from other MMORPGs. Each gameplay zone oozes with a colorful, voxel-based charm that keeps you glued to the actions.

MapleStory 2

It allows players to venture into a variety of open-world combats with customized characters.

Also, it offers tonnes of mini-games that can be developed by the players using the in-game editor. Another attractive thing about Maplestory 2 is an interesting storyline with an epic adventure full of battles, quests, and a crafting system that keeps the players on their feet.


Yes, this one is the first in the list of Best Free MMO Role-Playing Games to play because most of the fights that we have in our games are on land. Take the name of any good game, and we will find ourselves fighting on the land, taking flights to land on a piece of land, or using ships to reach some piece of land. So, we thought, why not fight in the air instead.

War of Warplanes
War of Warplanes

After all, the air force is no less attractive a career, and knowing the fact that you are out in the open and you can not cover yourself from all the sides takes the thrill factor at its peak. The War of Warplanes game gives its players the chance to make all their Top Gun fantasies a reality.

The players can choose between multirole fighters, bombers, heavy fighters, or even ground attack planers. The upgrades are innumerable, and the aircraft configurations stand at over 4600. In addition to these configurations, the game offers other standard customizations too!

There is no cap on the amount of ammo that you can use. However, you need to make sure that you do not end up overheating your weapon, making them any less accurate.


Well, some games are about strategizing, building a team, and attacking too while passing through varied challenges. They include everything which a gamer is looking for. Star Conflict is one of those games. It has been by far one of the Best Free MMO Role-Playing Games to play since it was launched by Targem Games in 2012.

Star Conflict
Star Conflict

The game involves fleet building along with the option to create custom battles, too, should the players so want. The game is all about conquering, sometimes fighting against each other and sometimes against the corporation, i.e., the system generated opposition pilots. Players have the option to explore the open-world space in the game through its various modules. The players can also choose to complete individual missions, conquer sectors as a team as create their battles, just as we mentioned before.

And what more, well Star Conflict is one of those few MMO-RPGs that can be played in VR mode too!


All of us loved Lord of The Rings, and a lot of us secretly dreamt of how we would fit in the scheme of things we should be in the scenario. Some of us wanted to be the hobbit; some of us just wanted to be Gandalf while there were those who wanted to be Saron too!

Lord of the Rings Online
Lord of the Rings Online

Anyway, Lord of The Rings Online is going to make those dreams true to a great extent! Lord of the Rings Online is one of those Best Free MMO Role-Playing Games to play, which allows you to live your movie fantasy. You can be a hobbit, a dwarf, the man, or an elf and explore the entire LOTR set literally! Oh, and you will get your own home and mount too and will have all the freedom to explore the middle earth

The most recent expansion was done towards November 2019 in the form of Minal Mogul, as well as the addition of a new race. There were two new regions, a new raid form, additional levels, crafting benefits, as well as new adventures too, such as reading the Black Book of Mordor too.


A veteran in the space of the Best Free MMO Role-Playing Games to play, Runescape hasn’t changed much since it was first launched, but it has improved everywhere that mattered.

The popularity of the game can be gauged from the fact that it has millions of online players. Not to mention, it has the world record for being the most extensive Free MMORPG game ever. Also, it isn’t about fighting completely and offers a more peaceful and creative environment for its players.

Runscape 3
Runscape 3

Its questing and combat are pretty simple and straightforward and have elements of humor added to it to. All characters are well known. Set in the realm of Gielinor, Runescape is a familiar and realistic game, which is nothing short of being fantastic.


So, there you go! The best free MMO role-playing games to play any time any day!

We hope you go on to try them. And yes! You don’t need to worry about having a ragged empty wallet before you can enjoy orgasmic gameplay.

Written by Mohit Rajora

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