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6 Best gif App For Android – Features and Price

The trends in chatting have always been upgrading rapidly. First came the emoticons, then the stickers, and now one of the frequently used is GIFs. These have become one of the great expressing tools for people while chatting. The GIFs are even more interesting because they are unlike the videos. The shorter time strand of these gifs give more amusement as well as express the reference. It is also better than a photo as it represents more than it. So GIFs take less time and are more expressive while texting.

It is more fun when you make the GIFs yourself. It is quite fantastic as you can make anything about what you want to say. There is a bunch of best gif app for android that allows you to do it. You can either do it the other way, open your camera and record something with the gif icon recording. However, the few best gif app for android texting even provide your WhatsApp chat more expression. This best gif maker app lets you do the editing on the other stuff you get online.

How the best GIF app for Android turns out to be a dose of daily entertainment?

This has been turning out one of the daily entertainment for people in recent times. So this is one of the great technological advancements. As the size of the gifs being small, you can share them around your social media also. However, the pretty short period of gifs causes degradation in your concentration level too. But still, it is just for entertainment purposes and, again, a way to explore your imagination.

Several gifs are creating an app for android in the play store. But we have listed out some best gif app for android 2020 to help you find them easily. You can easily get these on your smartphones from the play store for entertainment. Some apps do have some tiresome process, but brings out one of the best results. However, you can anyway opt for searching the gif while chatting. Most of the chat-based apps have the gif feature. Or you can even use the gif keyboard. However, these are really popular ones, and you might be aware of them. If you are, you can also check out the article for other amazing apps you might not know about.


Five best gif app for android texting in 2020


GIPHY has been one of some popular apps for animated gifs. This has almost all the gigs present around the net, making it one of the largest gif platform. This makes your work on gifs super easy and more creative. The app is user-friendly and has an interactive interface to work upon. You can find any gif on this platform, and even allow you to make elaborative changes to it. Here, you can easily add and create gifs. Even share them on your social handles. This makes texting more fun and more expressive. 

GIPHY has the biggest library for the most trending gifs or memes around the globe. Most of the meme creators use this library only to create their content. The browsing is super easy; you have to search for the keyword. Even it can show you the results by merely telling the expression. It can probably happen that if you don’t find a particular gif here, you won’t get it anywhere else also.

best gif app for android

GIPHY has its ties with many popular social media apps like Whatsapp and telegram to improve your texting experience. The in-app gif Whatsapp is directly connected to GIPHY, so it is possible that most of the gif you come around came from GIPHY only. This is the best gif app for Whatsapp, where you can easily create your gif animations. The user-interface is also easy to understand. The versatility of the app gives you more options like adding captions or other stickers to it. You won’t require any other meme maker also if you have GIPHY. It is rightly said to be the search engine for gifs. The app is free, both on the play store and in-app too. You won’t see any in-app advertisements. The freedom to get in your touch with the gif and play around with it is immense.


2. Imgur

Another very widely spread app for gifs is Imgur. You can easily find any memes and videos here, along with the liberty to make changes to them also. The app is said to be the biggest image sharing site, where people can even interact. You can even make a community in Imgur along with playing with the gifs. Imgur has another largest community of users in sharing memes and new gifs. This best gif maker provides various features to work within the gif. You will get an original gif almost every minute as the user base is very big. 

The app is interactive and has its collection of animations. You can make use of these and make a different meme from it. This app makes searching much easier as every time gives the best result you are looking for. Also, you can mix various other gifs and try creating a different meme video out of it. Their collection is very big and will get you exactly what you want with just the keyword.


It is not just a gif creator app but also an image-sharing app. This host around an enormous number of images that you will find trending on social media. The app does allow you to upload self-created gifs.

Again an amazing feature about the app is it offers you social media points for posting your gifs. You can be trending someday with the points. The app’s algorithm allows more viewers to view all the content and do their reviews on it. The app even suggests you make various gifs on trending topics. It automatically gathers the trending information and makes your work more comfortable. You can easily get it on the play store, and also, the app has no in-app purchase.



3. Bacon Camera

This is a camera-based app and doesn’t have a big library of gifs. It is a pretty simple app and has wonderful features. This has a proper white balance and an exposure component feature, including full focus and semi-manual ISO. However, as we are more focused on the gif part, the app provides exact tools to make a perfect gif. Here you open the mode and record the video. While converting it into the gif, you will get various options to play with your gif. The app is free to you and easily available on the play store. You don’t have to worry about the perfect shot also. The app does most work; you have to get good content.

best gif app for android
Bacon Camera

The app does have some in-app purchases, which will help you make awesome small shots and gifs. You can also carry this up for making video memes. However, the reviews about the app on the play store are mixed. Although, there are no such complaints about the functioning. But few are about the in-app purchases and compatibility.


4. GIF Maker and Editor best gif app for android

Again a popular creator app you can find on the play store. The app allows you to make edits to the gifs already available in the library. Also, you can cut and crop other videos into a different video to make a relatable meme. The app gives freedom to make changes like adding captions, images, stickers, etc., to the stored gifs. The GIF maker app is almost compatible with most of the app and online websites.

GIF maker
GIF maker

The app does have some technical issues with the loading time, and the quality once saved. Sometimes, the app stops working due to bugs, and also, you have to keep all the data on your card. Otherwise, it might happen your data may get lost. However, the app is not that bad; you can surely give it a try, though. It is also free to download and have a small in-app purchase, but you can ignore that. The app works fine without the purchase too.



5. Pixel studio

You might have heard about the pixel studio. The app got some popularity a little while back because of the pixel art fans. The app is cool and has some amazing features. Here you can draw your creation/imagination with pixel tools. It comes along the features like writing captions tools, etc. It is also compatible with S-pen and works very smoothly. The nicer part of this app is that your every work gets automatically save. You get full freedom to draw and create. Your work will be safe.

best gif app for android
Pixel Studio

Now, these creations can be transferred to your gifs, making it more exciting. You can do anything on the gif, like even a train passing through a person’s head. You can customize every gif and even create a new gif from those creations. The app is mostly based on art and customization. Although the app is not very easy to use, you will get great results if you make some efforts. The app the free on the play store and app store. But do have some premium in-app purchases to modify your content more.


6. Tumblr

Most of us know about Tumblr, but what some don’t know is, it can create gifs. You can process your GIFs within the official application and make suitable changes there itself. The app lets you edit short videos and edit them. You can include stickers, captions, and even customize the whole video by yourself. You can crop the video and attach another file to it. The functionality of the app is brilliant. And you don’t even have to brainstorm much about the user interface.


You can even browse other people’s content and give you the freedom to make appropriate changes to it. You can easily share your content with other users and also on other social media handles. Tumblr is compatible with almost all platforms and has a big user community.

However, the app is super easy for users who have experienced Tumblr before. But, for new users also, it is not much difficult to understand usability. There were a few reasons why Tumblr was not in much use in between and stopped working. The adult content which was present is banned from the site. Now it is more about good quality videos and creations. The app is free, having no in-app purchases. You can easily enjoy making gifs on this best gif app for android.


Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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