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5 Best Podcast App for Android Available on Play Store?

Podcasts seem to be again growing popularity in the market. These are great ways to fill your time either while cooking, laundry, or maybe driving back home. It is both knowledgeable as well as entertaining. It fills up your mind with constructive thoughts with the news and shows it talks about. You will get to listen to various ideas and expert opinions on a particular topic. Even many podcast shares stories in a storytelling show. Also, it is a great source of entertainment with many different genres of shows. There are many Podcasts apps in the market, but only a few are the best podcast app for Android. These are easy to use, and also some of them are free.

Podcasts are now gaining popularity again. This has been a great source of gathering information. So we are here with the list of the best podcast app for Android 2020 to make a choice easier for you. These applications are both simple and fun to use with most of the podcast recordings available. Let us now get to the best free podcast list:


The five best podcast app for Android in 2020

1. Pocket Casts

You might have come across this application before. A few years back, the podcasts system got a little popularity; the pocket cast was in trending applications. This is, for sure, the best podcast app for Android. However, the application is not free to use, but people love it as per the user reviews. For having the best podcast experience without advertisements, paying a few bucks isn’t a big deal. Pocket Casts have a simple but interactive interface. It has got its new design along with various other specifications. The features include dark mode and easy to search methods. The browsing of content has been made easy on the app now. You can write the type of podcast you want to listen to; it will bring out the most appropriate content. The settings and controls are now totally changed, with the playback controls getting more sensitivity and advance usability. 

best podcast app for android
Pocket Cast

It has been years now for pocket casts to be in the market. It was initially a paid application. However, being a paid app, it still had a huge community of users. Then around a few years back, the makers made it free to install but brought the subscription plans. And the users who got the paid app received the plus subscription for free. You can also opt for the free version, which includes ads. Otherwise, the plus subscription is for around $0.99 for a month. The app works best either way. Also, being a Plus subscription member, you even get additional features like recording and downloading.  

The overall built-in of the application is good, and the navigation throughout the app is fantastic. You won’t require to sign in with any mail ID if you want to use it for free. Also, the searching part has become smoother. The playback controls are also upgraded from previous versions. The app does not lag a little. And the quality it brings is more than appreciation. Speed controls are also available now with a volume booster. You even get the option to skip some parts for directly jumping to your desired section of the podcast. With the inclusion of a dark theme in the app, makers have made it look more advance and beautiful. 

2. Google Podcasts

Google launching its podcast in 2018, set a new wave in the podcast community. The long wait for google to jump in this section introduces a new pattern for Podcasts. The Google Podcasts, with its extreme user experience, brought a simple and nice design application. As with all its applications, Google integrated its other services with podcasts too. You can comfortably use google assistance and search option for better Podcasts. The controls are decent, with the finest playback controls. The speed management system and the volume boost option is again available with Google podcasts. Google Assistant makes the searching work easier. You can set up the mood and relative information for better results.

Also, you can add the preferences accordingly to let it give you the best recommendations. The notification alerts are also available for streaming the podcasts once it is life. Keeping the clearest interface with no advertisements brings Google to the top position in the best podcast app for Android list. 

best podcast app for android
Google Podcast

Why it is the best podcast app for android?

However, Google podcasts came later than other competitive applications; it still has the biggest community. It seems like the wait was as worthy as Google brought everything within the app in the starting only. There have not been many negative reviews about the application. Most users much appreciate the contrasting nature of the application. 

With Google podcasts being free to use without any in-app purchase makes it the most appropriate option. Also, if you are into the Google ecosystem with all the automation available, this makes your experience more pleasant. The advantages of using it include the pause and play option as well. You can easily pick up the podcast from where you left it. A normal voice command to the Google assistant will automatically resume your show. 

Google has made brilliant efforts towards bringing the best UI for the users. The simplest interface with all the required options and the right settings. They have even managed to make the searching better with the preference option available. 

Unlike others, Google has now divided or, say, expanded their podcasts. There are three different platforms you can listen to their podcasts. First, Google Podcasts itself. Next is their playback music app, which is a music streaming application. But now have an inclusive podcasts section too. Also, their third platform is Youtube. Most of the creators are currently uploading and streaming their Podcasts on Youtube. Being a free option, this becomes the most suitable option for you. 


3. Spotify

One of the biggest and most popular music streaming platforms has now included the podcasts option too. Along with being the largest music community, Spotify is now the home for numerous podcasts. This makes your experience better as you have everything in one spot. You don’t need to get different applications for that. However, the podcasts library is not big enough like that of Google and Pocket casts. But, it might be sufficient for your use. 


If you are an existing user of the app, the UI becomes much easier to use. However, it can be a little different with the new users as the application’s main objective is music streaming. So not much enhancement has been brought in the podcasts section. Spotify is for casual listeners. Some people don’t require a particular app for podcasts. For a reason, it is the best podcast app for android. Being a casual listener, along with streaming music, makes it more suitable for you. 

However, the overall user experience is decent. Not many options to explore here, unlike pocket casts and google casts. It would help if you got the Spotify premium to avoid ads. But the advantage of getting everything in one app makes it unique and gathers more audience. 

4. Anchor

The Anchor is a Podcast streaming as well as a hosting application. It is unlike other applications on this list. They only let you listen to or download the podcasts. But Anchor even allows you to record your podcasts and publish on their community. This app enables you to record audio with various settings. The voice control features and the sound options you get make the experience much better. You can host unlimited podcasts. Also, Anchor is compatible with various social media apps where you can publish these recordings. Here you can import the audio from other devices and make it useful in your podcasts. 

best podcast app for android

The UI of the application is a little tricky. You need to go through the steps for creating a section. Only then will you extract out the enormous amount of features and tools it provides for its users. With the playback controls and skip silence option, this makes the Anchor Hub more user-friendly.

Anchor provides all the premises for your growth in this field. You get to check their business model. If you succeed, you might be getting huge followers and even get paid. The Anchor is like Youtube for podcast streaming and hosting. Also, the app is free to use with no ads. If you are interested in making your podcasts and want to start somewhere, this is your app. 


5. Doggcatcher

Along with taking care of your podcasts playlist, DoggCatchers brings you the optimization options as well. With a clean UI and a simple interacting podcast search option, this brings a certain amount of automation. Here, you set your preferences for the type of podcasts you want to listen to. The app will customize its options accordingly so that your playlists get more appropriate. Also, helping with better battery management. 

This application doesn’t work in the background. So it doesn’t drain out your battery. Although, this is not the best free podcast app as you have to buy the application. It costs you around $2.99, which is a bit expensive. But then you won’t get any in-app purchases or advertisements. 


The app is one of the oldest podcast apps, which is still working. You get frequent app updates also, which shows that makers are still interested in growing it. It also has Chromecast support, which makes the user experience much better. All the other features are equally decent, with A vast library of podcasts available for you. 


Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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