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The 10 Best Games Like ROBLOX Which You Can Play

The gaming community has grown and is growing so fast that it has got people many opportunities. Games are more of an expression for gamers. They feel the game and try to get something new from it every time. And basically, games are to be made for such purposes only. They must allow gamers to explore within and get the best from it.

Games must provide freedom to the people so that they can get to the bottom of the game. And find something different about it. Expansion is the keyword for successful gamers, and that is what ROBLOX gave to people. There are just a few other games as best games like ROBLOX. This game lets the players create another game within a game. So cool, it sounds right? It is as games like ROBLOX gives all the tools and settings to the players.

That they might find sufficient to explore another different part of the game, you can find many such games like ROBLOX online, which will blow your find. This game has shared the experience of this exploration since 2005. And here we are to tell you about some best games like ROBLOX. And, from where you can download games like ROBLOX. These are the games that will give you as much freedom as ROBLOX and help you create your original game.

Best Games like ROBLOX Online

1. Minecraft

This is expected to be on the top of the list. Minecraft has been constantly somewhere at the top of the order and was used to be the most popular people’s game. It allows the gamer to explore and even create his imagination. The game is to build buildings and save them from rivals. You are given full freedom along with a bag full of resources to do that. Minecraft has been a personal favorite as the game is very much user friendly. You can have combats; even you have to find various ways of procuring wealth to survive.

Minecraft best games like ROBLOX

This game has various maps and even allows you to make or design your plan in multiplayer mode. You will be eager to play the game again after you try it for the first time. It has a lot to offer to gamers. However, the game is not free. You can find a crack somewhere, but originally it is available here for a few dollars. It is known for almost every device, either iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, PlayStation 3, and 4. Also, Xbox One, Linux, Nintendo Switch, etc.


2. Terasology

This game is similar and gives the same experience as Minecraft. It also allows players to craft their original games within. The game is open-source, with a great variety of features it offers to its gamers. Tersology is also a game where players can make their world for other players to visit and experience. The makers are very progressive. They have been adding various updates and new features to enhance the quality.


Although being similar to Minecraft, this game is free to play, making it more playable for every audience. However, the only shortcoming is that it is only available for Windows.

3. Trove

Another very interesting game in the list of best games like ROBLOX. This game also provides its players the freedom to enjoy various grounds and offer them features to create their own home. The game is about looting, adventure, and building their own home. These homes are called ‘Cornerstone’ inside the game. You can enter various worlds from the HUB area and experience the adventure the right way that makers want to give you.

Trove best games like ROBLOX

Plus, this game’s major attraction is its customizable in-game items, which give players different characters. All these various avatars can be personally customizing. So along with the freedom and creation, you will enjoy the gameplay adventure. You are also given a multiplayer option making things more comfortable. Trove is more like an MMO type having dungeons and various playgrounds. The game is free to play and is available for windows, mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 1.


4. Castle Miner Z

Another version of the Castle Miner series. The game has been very popular in between, but it went a little down due to a lack of updates. However, this game is also worthy of being in this best games like ROBLOX list. The game is similarly crafted to Minecraft. Have the ability to improve with its player-friendly schemes. This game gives the gamer to create and use the sandbox feature accordingly. You have the freedom to make what you want. Another interesting part is its creative mode. This section is totally about the player’s imagination and ability to build strong and vast structures.

castle Miner Z
castle Miner Z

The game is updating progressively, as initially, it was just about creating or making customize weapons and defend yourself. You have to face various stupid and dangerous monsters, but now it gives more opportunity to its players. Here the players can enjoy all the four different modes. These modes are Creative mode, Dragon Survival mode, Surviving normal mode, and the testing of endurance mode.

This is only available for Windows PC but can soon be updated for Xbox 360. The game is not free, and it cost around $3.99.

5. Garry’s Mod

This game is surely for only entertainment basis. Suppose you were a big fan of ROBLOX. Either you want to do some stupid activity to relax, this is the game. One of the best games like ROBLOX or say the same as it. The only difference is it has improved graphics. This game allows full freedom to do anything in the game. You can make anything, get various objects, and make a different thing from it as it does not have any goal to achieve. You are to have fun and explore your imaginations here in this game.

Garrys Mod best games like ROBLOX
Garrys Mod

The game offers you a lot of objects and features to weld and make anything. Also, the updates are really quick, and new features are always added to it. This has a huge community of players, and hence, makers don’t upset their audience. You can have great fun and enjoy the silliest things you can make. However, for his experience, you have to pay. The game is not free. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

6. Cubic Castles

The game is about creating the best and big castles, as the name suggests. The players are allowed to make and generate numerous courts. The journey of building the palaces is the key to the game. You can also visit castles made by other players and get some motivation and create better than them.

Cubic Castles best games like ROBLOX
Cubic Castles

The players have to collect various resources, materials to build a great realm. The creators are to be praised, and hence, all the creators can visit each other’s castle and honor them. The community of this game is also very strong and competitive. Also, the makers of the game don’t upset their players. It is free to play and is available from all Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

7. The Blockheads

One of the games that allow players to explore. You can explore almost everything in this game. You can see mountains, oceans, various tunnels, etc. This game is more about its settings. This is a basic 2D block type set of a match. The avatars are of blocks, and here you are to build and destroy the building. And craft the most beautiful block of yours. The experience that the game gives is its biggest takeaway.

Blockheads best games like ROBLOX

Also, it is free to play and is also available on both Android and iOS.

8. Lego Worlds

The more you play it, the more you want to get more. The game is for the people who want to create a whole world of theirs. If you are a big fan of such games and want more blocks to build a vast empire, then this game is for you. You will get an enormous amount of Lego blocks from the box and experience the whole wonderland. It can be said as one of the most successful sandbox games and the due experience you get. The freedom and creativeness these games allows you is enormous. The game provides you massive material and features, enabling you to design and craft anything.

Lego World
Lego World

The game is a little costly, but it is worth its cost. It is premium available for Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

9. Mythruna

Along with building and crafting, the only thing you can ask is some role-play additive like any other MMO games. This reminds me of a cartoon we used to see earlier. The world of unlimited crafting, exploration, creation, etc., is a package of this game. Along with it, you are to enjoy a role-playing genre of this game also. You are the character of the game and are in search of the finest box of features. To get the best for crafting an enormous building.

Mythruna best games like ROBLOX

However, the game is not a big of a revolution as the makers are slow updating it. The game is still very loose and is not developing. However, it is pretty much fun for the amount of play it still provides. Again one of the best games like ROBLOX. And a bit of an action element to building and crafting. The game is free and is available for Windows as well as in Linux and macOS.

10. Mine test

It is another great adventure for ROBLOX lovers. One of the best games like ROBLOX online, where you get big and enormous maps. The variety of plans will blow your mind. The features and freedom this game provides are not comparable. You will get the power to design things as you wish once you reach forward with initial levels. Many other games inside Mine Test, along with players online. Enjoy making their creative maps. You can even customize your game experience and earn a different theme.

Mine Test
Mine Test

It is free to play and available for all, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.


Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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