How To Get Your Snap Score Up

Snapchat score is shown on your profile when you stay active on your snap chat regularly. Snapchat is the thing that can be found on every other person’s phone currently. People love to use Snapchat for amazing filters, maintaining Snapchat streaks with their friends and recording videos because Snapchat has the most popular filters which enhance your beauty and makes you more attractive to others.

How To Get Your Snap Score Up?

What IS Meant By Snap Score?

Snap score is the number which contains on your profile you can see below in the picture .

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How To Get Your Snap Score Up

It means the total number of snaps you have received and sent to your friends and family. The more you stay active on Snapchat the number increases as it depends upon how many snaps you are sending and receiving from your friends.

Your Snapchat score will not increase if you are being inactive on Snapchat or you are not opening Snapchat for one day. So scoring up required more snaps to send in one day to more people.

How To Increase The Snap Score?

It will take a month or years to raise your snap score. There is no other way to increase the snap score on your profile if anybody is claiming for increasing the snap score on Snapchat from different websites that are not going to work because we can only enhance our score from Snapchat itself.

Here are the following tips you can follow to increase your snap score

1. Send More Snaps

When you send more and more snaps in one day it will affect your snap score. The snap score is dependent upon how active you are on Snapchat with your friends. If you are not sending more and more snaps in one day then your score will rise but not to a great extent. To increase your snap score, first, you have to send at least 20-30 thousand snaps in one day which is probably difficult but not impossible.

2. Unlock More Snap

Not just sending more snaps helps you to increase your snap score. You have to unlock more snaps on your chat. Of course, you will receive dozens of snaps from your friends and family and there is a chance to not open from everyone but open all snaps considering you are staying active and raising your score.

3. Add Stories

Some people only use snap for streaks purposes and forget the part that Snapchat has also a stories section where you can add stories that will show to

Send Snap to your friends or whole people that you can choose according to settings. Putting photos, and videos into stories helps you to score up your snap.

4. Send your snap to Multiple People

You have different people added to your snap chat. There will be a chance you are sending your snap to some particular people that will not increase your score. To score up, you have to send multiple snaps to multiple people. The more you are sending snaps the number will rise.

Why does Snap Score Matter?

Snap score indicates the total number of snaps that appears on your profile. To be honest there is no benefit to snapping scores up but you can raise them for your satisfaction. Moreover, when you have a higher score snap chat provides you with the trophy that will show on your profile.

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