How To Get Snap Streak Back

The amazing feature of Snapchat compelled people to download it on their phones. Currently, Snapchat is one of the largely used applications among others. Snapstreak implies when you send and receive snaps, shorts, videos, selfies within 24 hours. You can miss the snap streak when you fail to send before or after 24 hours. This will be disappointing because it takes time to maintain the streak for days or months. Don’t worry you come to the right place in this article you get to know how to get your snap streak back.

The reason for losing streaks is that sometimes you don’t have sufficient time to send after 24 hours or you perhaps forget to send the snap-in between 24 hours. Streaks are missed by anyone. Your friend will blame you for losing the streak before you can get your snap streak back by pursuing some easy steps.

Steps on How To Get Snap Streak Back

1. The major step is to open your Snapchat on your phone and thump the bitmoji

2. It will unlock your profile find the settings icon from your profile as revealed in the picture

How To Get Snap Streak Back (1)
How To Get Snap Streak Back (1)

3. Tap the setting icon. When you scroll down you will glimpse I Need Help from support alternatives click on that.

4. When you click on the I Need Help your screen will look like

How To Get Snap Streak Back (2)
How To Get Snap Streak Back (2)


5. This is a Snapchat support where you can find your problem and solve it accordingly.

6. So, here you have a problem with the snap streak then click on the snap streaks option.

7. The next you have to select I lost my Snapstreak from the different options.

8. When you choose the option. You have to fill in the information as shown below:

How To Get Snap Streak Back (3)
How To Get Snap Streak Back (3)

9. Fill in all the information that is asked of you and send it to Snapchat. Your problem will be unraveled after some time.

Why are Snapstreaks famous among the youth?

Snapchat is most common among youth. College students, even school students like to maintain a streak on Snapchat.  When they fail to send streaks on time they get disappointed and blame each other for losing the snap. People are crazy about social media as they like to record everything and present socially within a minute. The most important thing is that they feel connected and close to each other which eliminates boundaries between the far people.

There are many other reasons for the obsession with snap streaks 

  • The most important thing is when you live far away from your favorite people, you can feel the connectivity from delivering daily snaps.
  • Another reason for its popularity is to maintain the highest streaks with your friends.
  • When you send the snaps on a daily basis your friendship gets stronger day by day and you will feel close to your favorite person.
  • Sending streaks will maintain your record which means you are developing a beautiful memory with your friends.


Snapchat is used by millions of people and is largely famous among teenagers. You can say you will not obtain anything from maintaining the snap streaks but it will make you happy to see the highest streak with your friends and family. Although most importantly you are sharing your good memories with the people that help to keep up in touch and attached.

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