What Does Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat 

People love to send and receive snaps daily. This becomes a part of their life and they never miss sending at least one snap in a day. It’s a choice whether you can send one snap or dozens of snaps to your friends and family for a streak purpose. When you send the highest snap to one particular person daily, he/she becomes your best friend according to snap chat. It does not matter if he/ she is your best friend in your real life but Snapchat discloses you as the best friend to him/her because you have delivered the most snap to that particular person.

When you become the best friend by sending the highest Snap-on daily. Snapchat provides a yellow heart which signifies your best relationship with that friend.  Have you ever wondered what does yellow heart mean on Snapchat?

What If Your Friend Doesn’t Send You The Most Of Snap?

If you want to get the yellow heart with your friend on snap chat. It is important to get the snapback the most number of times as you did with your friend. Only after that did Snapchat permit you to get the yellow heart emoji with your friend. When you send the highest snap to your friend then he/she should also send you the highest snap among their contacts for receiving the yellow heart on chat.

What Does Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat?

A yellow heart is an indication of friendship and love. On snap chat sending and receiving the most snaps with a particular person consider you as the best friend and a yellow heart will appear on both chat screens.

It means the relationship with that particular person you are having there is no one like them. You can say they are most special on your snap chat streaks. So, why not share snaps the most with your favourite person and take the compliments from snap chat itself.

Is It Possible To Maintain Yellow Heart With More Than One Person?

The answer is no, you cannot maintain the yellow heart with more than one person. The yellow heart will appear to only the person you are snapping at most. Although there are many other emojis like the fire symbol, Gold star, pink heart that describes another meaning on Snapchat.


The best thing about the yellow heart indicates a stronger bond you have with that particular person which you cannot have with others. So, maintain Streaks send dozens of snaps daily and get the yellow heart from snap chat.

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