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Dell Vostro 15 3583 15-inch Laptop

The Dell Vostro 15 3583 is a 15-inch laptop designed for business and professional users. It’s part of Dell’s Vostro series, which is known for offering reliable performance and essential business features at an affordable price point. This laptop is geared towards small and medium-sized businesses, as well as professionals who require a dependable computing solution for their work.

The Dell Vostro 15 3583 typically features a clean and professional design, with a focus on durability. It often comes in a classic black finish that complements its business-oriented nature. The laptop sports a 15.6-inch display, which is a common size for productivity and business laptops. Depending on the configuration, it may offer Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution for sharp visuals.

Under the hood, the Dell Vostro 15 3583 is powered by Intel Core processors or, in some configurations, AMD processors. It’s designed to handle everyday business tasks efficiently, including web browsing, office productivity, and email management. It typically offers configurations with various options for RAM and storage.

Users can choose from different RAM capacities and storage types, such as traditional hard drives or faster solid-state drives (SSDs). Business users often require a range of connectivity options, and the Dell Vostro 15 3583 aims to deliver. It usually includes multiple USB ports, an HDMI port for external displays, an Ethernet port for wired networking, and a built-in card reader.

Security is crucial for business laptops, and the Vostro series often includes security features such as a fingerprint reader or TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for its enhanced data protection. Dell typically offers configurations with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed, which is well-suited for business environments due to its additional security and management features.

The laptop is designed to offer decent battery life, ensuring that you can work on the go without constantly needing to recharge. One of the key selling points of the Vostro series is its affordability. It provides essential business features without breaking the budget, making it a cost-effective choice for small businesses and professionals.

Features of Dell Vostro 15 3583


Dell is the brand behind the Dell Vostro 15 3583 15-inch laptop. Dell is a well-known and reputable multinational technology company based in the United States. They are recognized for producing a wide range of computing devices, including laptops, desktop computers, monitors, servers, and other IT-related products.

Dell is often associated with quality, reliability, and innovation in the world of technology. They cater to various segments of the market, including consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and professionals. The Vostro series, in particular, is aimed at small businesses and professionals, offering practical and affordable computing solutions tailored to their needs.

Dell has a long history of providing computers and IT solutions and is a trusted brand for users seeking dependable hardware for both personal and professional use.


The manufacturer of the Dell Vostro 15 3583 15-inch laptop is Dell Inc.


The laptop belongs to the “Dell Vostro” series. The Vostro series from Dell is known for offering business-oriented laptops and desktops designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and professionals.


The color of the Dell Vostro 15 3583 laptop can vary depending on the specific model and region. Common color options for Vostro laptops often include classic black, but it’s possible that Dell may offer variations or limited-edition colors for specific models or markets. The exact color availability can change over time, so it’s advisable to check the Dell website or specific product listings for the most up-to-date color options for this laptop.

Screen Size

The Dell Vostro 15 3583 laptop typically features a 15.6-inch screen size. This screen size is common for laptops in the 15-inch category and offers a good balance between portability and usability, making it suitable for various tasks such as office work, web browsing, and multimedia consumption. However, specific configurations and models may vary, so it’s a good practice to check the product details for the exact screen size when making a purchase.

Package Dimensions

The package dimensions for the Dell Vostro 15 3583 laptop can vary depending on the specific packaging used by the manufacturer and the region in which it is sold. However, as a general guideline, the packaging dimensions for a standard 15-inch laptop box are typically approximately 15-18 inches (38-46 cm) in length, 12-14 inches (30-36 cm) in width, and 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) in height.

These are approximate dimensions and may not apply to every individual package. To obtain precise package dimensions for a specific model or purchase, it’s recommended to refer to the product listing or contact the seller or manufacturer directly, as package sizes can vary based on factors such as included accessories and packaging materials.


The Dell Vostro 15 3583 laptop is typically powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The specific battery capacity (measured in watt-hours or milliampere-hours) and runtime can vary depending on the laptop’s configuration and usage patterns.

To obtain detailed information about the battery specifications, capacity, and estimated battery life for a specific model of the Dell Vostro 15 3583 laptop, it’s best to refer to the product documentation provided by Dell or check the laptop’s specifications on the Dell website or in the user manual that comes with the laptop.

Battery life can vary based on factors such as usage intensity, screen brightness, and power settings, so it’s important to consider these variables when assessing how long the laptop’s battery will last on a single charge.


The weight of the Dell Vostro 15 3583 laptop can vary depending on the specific configuration and whether it includes additional features such as a larger battery or an optical drive. However, as a general guideline, Vostro laptops in this series typically weigh around 4 to 5 pounds (approximately 1.8 to 2.3 kilograms).

Processor Brand

The processor brand for the Dell Vostro 15 3583 laptop can vary depending on the specific model and configuration. Dell offers laptops with processors from both Intel and AMD, two leading manufacturers of computer processors.

Commonly, you may find Dell Vostro 15 3583 laptops equipped with Intel Core processors, such as Intel Core i3, i5, or i7, depending on the model and performance level. Alternatively, some configurations may feature AMD processors, such as Ryzen series processors, offering a range of processing power options.

To determine the processor brand and model for a specific Dell Vostro 15 3583 laptop, it’s recommended to refer to the product listing, technical specifications, or user manual provided by Dell or check the laptop’s system information in the operating system settings once you have the laptop in hand. This will provide you with the precise details of the processor used in that particular model.

Reviews of Dell Vostro 15 3583

Dell Vostro 15 3583 15-inch laptop can vary based on individual needs and expectations. Here’s a summary of what users commonly appreciate and some aspects that may be less favorable:

Positive User Experiences:

Affordable Business Solution:

Many users appreciate that the Dell Vostro 15 3583 provides a cost-effective option for their business computing needs. It’s often seen as a budget-friendly solution that delivers essential features without breaking the bank.


The laptop is generally regarded as reliable for everyday business tasks. Users find it suitable for office work, web browsing, email management, and running common business applications.

Durable Build:

The laptop’s durable construction is often praised. It’s built to withstand daily use and is considered a dependable choice for business environments.

Variety of Configurations:

Users like the flexibility of choosing from different configurations to match their specific requirements in terms of RAM, storage, and processing power.

Windows 10 Pro:

The inclusion of Windows 10 Pro is a positive aspect for many business users. This operating system version offers enhanced security and management features.

Less Favorable User Experiences:

Performance Limitations:

Some users may find the laptop’s performance limited when compared to more powerful systems. It may struggle with resource-intensive tasks or multitasking involving numerous applications.

Limited Graphics:

Integrated graphics, commonly used in this laptop, are not suitable for graphics-intensive work or gaming, which may disappoint some users.

Basic Display:

While the laptop typically provides a standard 15.6-inch display, it may not have the high resolution or vibrant colors found in premium laptops.

Average Battery Life:

While offering decent battery life, it may not provide exceptionally long-lasting power, which could be a concern for users who require extended mobility.

Weight and Size:

Some users might find the laptop’s size and weight less portable, especially when compared to lighter and slimmer ultrabooks.

Limited Upgradeability:

Depending on the specific model, users may have limited options for upgrading components like RAM or storage, which could impact long-term flexibility.

Lack of Premium Features:

The laptop may lack some of the premium features, such as advanced audio systems or high-resolution displays, that are found in more expensive laptops.


In conclusion, the Dell Vostro 15 3583 15-inch laptop is a practical and budget-friendly choice for business and professional users. It offers a range of configurations to cater to different needs and provides essential features for everyday business computing.

In summary, the Dell Vostro 15 3583 15-inch laptop is a reliable and budget-friendly option for business and professional users. It combines essential features, decent performance, and a durable design, making it suitable for tasks like office work, presentations, and web conferencing. While it may not offer the cutting-edge features of more premium laptops, it provides a practical and cost-effective computing solution for business needs.

Dell Vostro 15 3583 laptop serves as a dependable and cost-effective computing solution for small businesses and professionals seeking essential features without the premium price tag. Its value lies in its reliability, durability, and suitability for common business tasks. However, users with specific performance or feature requirements beyond basic business needs may need to explore other laptop options that better align with their expectations.

Ultimately, the Dell Vostro 15 3583 15-inch Laptop is designed to cater to the needs of budget-conscious business and professional users. It offers essential features and reliability but may have some limitations in terms of performance and premium features when compared to higher-end laptops. The suitability of this laptop depends on your specific business requirements and budget constraints.

Written by Vibhuti Sawhney

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