How to Convert Scanned PDFs to Word Documents

Since schools, office meetings, seminars, and other professional meetings have begun to be held over the Internet the involvement of PDFs in our lives has drastically incremented. People from all age groups are now required to know what a pdf is, how to create one, and how to use PDFs for their own benefit. While Covid-19 prevailed throughout the world, students were forced to send their assignments by clicking pictures from their notebooks and converting the into a PDF before uploading and submitting them.

What we mean to say is that understanding scanned pdfs, and knowing how to convert them to word documents is a must-know for every working professional today. So if you have never heard about scanned pdfs and are unsure about converting scanned pdfs to word documents, this article is for you. We’ll see some of the best pdf to word converter tools that are easy to use.

What are scanned PDFs?

Does the word “Scanned PDFs” ring a bell? If not, do not worry. Let’s quickly have an introductory discussion on what exactly scanned PDFs are. Scanned PDFs are PDF documents that are created by scanning a physical paper document using a scanner. The scanner captures an image of each page of the document and saves it as a digital file. This digital file is then typically saved as a PDF, which allows for easy viewing and sharing of the scanned document. Once we get ahold of scanned PDFs it is recommended practice to share them after converting them to word documents.

Why are scanned pdfs converted to word documents?

We are going to learn how one can convert scanned PDFs to word documents but before that, we need to know why is it important to do so. The reason why scanned pdfs are supposed to be converted to word documents before sharing them is that scanned PDFs can be quite large in file size, especially if the original document is in color and has a high resolution. The large size of these pdfs makes it difficult to share and store them which is why it’s important to optimize them for size when possible.

What are word documents?

Although we are sure you are quite familiar with word documents for the record let’s quickly take a look over that too. A Word document is a file format used for creating, editing, and saving text-based documents using Microsoft Word or other compatible word processing software.

Word documents can contain various elements such as text, images, tables, charts, and graphs. They allow for a wide range of formatting options such as font style, size, color, paragraph alignment, and page layout.

What is the difference between scanned pdfs and word documents?

Now, we know scanned pdfs and word documents well enough to talk about the difference between the two. The main difference between scanned PDFs and Word documents is that scanned PDFs are essentially images of a physical document, while Word documents are text-based files that can be edited and formatted. So with word documents, one advantage is that you can edit and format the document whereas you can’t really make changes to a scanned PDF. It is because of the same reason that PDFs take up more space in memory as they are images than word documents which are text-based files that can be easily edited, formatted, and searched.

Converting scanned pdfs to word documents

Finally, let’s see the process used to convert the scanned PDFs to word documents.

The most convenient way to convert your scanned pdfs to word documents is to use this online platform called WPS PDF tools. On this platform, you can modify your pdfs in whatever way you want to. The best part about this website is that you need to pay 0 bucks to get the job done. Yes, you read that right, it’s absolutely free. To convert a pdf to a word document, you simply need to visit the website and click on the “Select File to upload your PDF file” option. Then you need to wait for a few seconds and then you can click on the  Download button to get your converted Word file.

Converting a scanned PDF to a word document will help you to use the memory on your device in a more optimal manner. Not just that but you can also easily edit and format documents if you change scanned PDFs to word documents.

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