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The 5 Best Free pdf Editor that Works Well Online

It happens many times when someone sends you a pdf file and wants to make some changes to it. But, you can’t directly make changes to a pdf without any special tool or software. However, you can open the pdf with word and make appropriate changes there. Still, many of you might want the best free pdf editor as it allows more features to use in the file. Many different pdf editors will enable you to make changes and modify the pdf file. And that too without converting your pdf file to some other format. You can add images to the existing pdf file only using such editors. Some editors do ask for few purchases but are some best free pdf editors also. 

PDF files in sharing information are relevant as they are safe and don’t have any structural problems. Also, the pdf files remain the same way in which you send them. They don’t tend to change their format irrespective of any program you use them in. In the schools, colleges, and businesses, pdf format files are only used in sharing documents. And hence, it is required to have a decent and the best free pdf editor. You can even pay for some of them, but why settle for anything if you have some free editors. The format of PDF files doesn’t even change while opening them on various devices. 

Do you need to pay for using the best free pdf editors including in-app purchases?

However, there are not many pdf editors available on free to use basis. The major reason behind this is because the original creator of PDF files, Adobe, charge these editors. Adobe still has the right to claim a fee for any such software to work with pdf. Due to this fee, most of these software manufacturers don’t provide the services for free. Few allow only five files for free, but then take payment for editing a PDF file; however, it is challenging to find which editors are free and good to use. We have done the job and made it easy for you by finding the best free pdf editor for mac. And also some google pdf editor. These are free pdf editor downloads and are most suitable for students and working individuals. 

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

The best PDF editor in the market today is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. However, Adobe is not giving its services for free, but if you are a working professional. Especially if your work mostly comprises of files, then you must check it out. The software helps you edit the files professionally. Adobe provides various features to use within the software and allows you to create a PDF. You can even attach multiple files to it and extract their data. You can create a whole new PDF. Also, the major benefit is, this software can be used both on a desktop and mobile. 


However, the list of best free pdf editors for mac and windows is as follows. 

The 5 best free pdf editor around the market 

Small PDF

It can be said without a doubt that this is the best free pdf editor for mac. There is not many software that is compatible with mac. Apple has mostly their software for every purpose, but they are paid. So this can be very helpful for mac users. This is a cloud-based pdf editor that is easy to use. This also does not require must storage. Along with mac, Small PDF is also compatible with various other operating systems. Like, Windows and Linux. 

 A pdf editor is an effective tool that has a powerful range of features. Also, as it is a cloud-based tool, the data is safe, and again, the work is done faster. Like any other editor, this also allows converting the file type from pdf to word. However, why will someone even convert to a Word file when most of the work can be done here itself. 

best free pdf editor
Small pdf


The user interface of the free pdf editor for mac is really simple. And this allows you to make appropriate changes like adding images and text. You can even make a signature mark via this tool on any pdf file. Also, it allows you to highlight and mark a comment wherever suitable to you. The app provides various other editing tools along with converting tools. You can restore your PDF files to some other format files like a PowerPoint file. There you will get a preferable option of editing. 

Being a cloud-based PDF editor makes the work a whole lot easier. And can be said that, it is the reason Small pdf is the free best pdf editor. Here, you have to get a system compatible with the editor. Then visit the small pdf site. The site is user-friendly and is very easy to use. There at the top, you will find a drag/drop option. You have to get your pdf file there, and it will convert the file. 

However, if you want to download the pdf editor for offline purposes, you will get a free trial. But then it will ask to subscribe to a plan. 

Although there is no charge for using it online, you can use the pdf editor many times for free in an online manner. 

PDF-Xchange Editor

Again an amazing tool for editing your pdf files. This has some other unique features that are just super interesting to try out once. However, this is compatible with Windows only and works efficiently in it. The best free pdf editor allows you to edit the text and create various new files within. The unique part about this software is it has an in-build OCR, Optical character recognition algorithm. Basically, with OCR, you can edit the text within the photo. Like in schools, while online examination, the paper comes in the photo format only. So that students cannot simply copy/paste the question on google and look for an answer. OCR helps you to extract the text and make changes in it. It is also a fun feature that you can play around with within the editor. 

best free pdf editor
PDF Xchange Editor


Again, this has almost the same features as that of a small pdf. It also allows you to merge various files to make a single file. You can even split pages and add others to them. The PDF-Xchange also enables you to put your watermark on the file if you need it. You can link other files to it and mention comments about it within the editor. 

This being the best free pdf editor for the Windows operating system, also provides many other features. A feature like Stamp, where it will put a rejected or accepted mark on the document. The major part for which it is popular is its OCR text recognition. It is helpful to many people, as the other person often takes the photo and makes a document. And editing such a document is tough. Hence, it is widely used for Optical character recognition. 

The only and the biggest setback about this extremely useful pdf editor is that it consists of a watermark. When you use it for free, the editor puts its little watermark on the files you export from here, which is not very comfortable for business professionals. The watermark can be removed if you take the pro version, which is not for free. However, you can even remove the watermark, but you have to do a little work for it. 

PDF escape

This is an ideal pdf editor for files with a small size. You can’t rely upon it for larger files. It is again compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. You can use it both in an online as well as offline manner. You need to download the desktop version for offline editing. But, it is not free to use then. However, in an online mode, the pdf editor can be used from any device compatible with the software. 

PDF Escape
PDF Escape


Here, you don’t worry about creating an account. You can visit PDF escape and see the add files option. The user interface is simple and has many editing tools within. Again, you can easily merge different files and create a new file in a hassle-free manner. However, it doesn’t support files larger than 10MB. 

With this pdf editor, you can directly add links to the file, which is a useful feature. You can use various note methods available for editing the file. You can make notes within the file very easily. These draw features were available with Microsoft edge only. But, with advancements, this is becoming a necessary feature. Not all online editors allow you to add notes to the file. 

The only drawback is the size limit, which can be problematic for some people. 


Mostly similar to a simple PDF. It is again a very impressive and best free pdf editor. This is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS also. The online software is simple and free to use. However, the offline desktop version is extremely expansive and not worthy. You can get good features in the online mode only. Also, due to cloud-based working, you can visit their site from any compatible device. 

best free pdf editor


The user interface is again simple, and again, no account is required to edit your files. However, like in the previous one, this also has a limit in size. Above 50MB, it doesn’t support any file. It is quite sufficient, though. Also, you can rely on the safety of your documents. Your data will be deleted automatically after a few hours. And since now account, it won’t remember the record. It is a decent pdf editor but is good enough to use in online mode as the offline desktop version is expensive. 

PDF Sam Basic

If you don’t require any additional/extra features like a watermark, stamp option, etc., you should choose this. This is because it works extremely well but doesn’t have several editing options. It brings you simple editing tools and has a really simple interface. This is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux too.



This tool is perfect for all the standard features to do with the file. Usually, people merge or split and extract text from the file. If these are your need, you can go for it. 

However, if you want to change the file’s content, then it won’t be efficient. Still, the editor does not consume much space and can be opted as an additional editor. Also, you can get the enhanced version of this editor. But it will be a paid version, so if you want, you can get that. 


Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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