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8 Best Discord Bots to Improve Your Discord Server

Discord is a free chatting platform created explicitly for video gamers. While playing video games on PCs, the main problem is the need for constant communication between gamers and their interaction. Discord solves the problem by providing a very easy to use User Interface similar to chatting apps like Skype or professional communication platforms like Slack. Discord platform supports video chat, voice call, and text so that the users can choose any way to communicate. Nowadays, Discord is not only used by gamers, but by different communities and groups as an organizational and socializing tool. Let’s see what are these best discord bots which can make your Discord Server interesting.

The biggest advantage in the Discord platform is the Discord bots. They are bots that only run in Discord which provides different functionalities to the user. Users can use either code their Bot for serving any purpose they need using programming languages like Java, C++, etc. or they can use a third party bot. There are different kinds of Discord bots like Chatbot, Music bot, Moderation bot, etc which makes the usage of Discord server very easy.

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8 Best Discord Bots

In this article, we are going to talk about the best Discord bots with different functionalities and their features. They have been found out as the best among the Discord bots by the user’s votes and the number of servers using them.


Pokecord is one of the best fun-filled and simple Discord bot which has provisions for catching, collecting and battling with the user’s favorite Pokemon. It is a satisfying game for all those Pokemon fans out there.


Features of the Pokecord are:

  • You can collect the Pokemon, start training it, you can take it for battles or trade it to your friends in the global marketplace.
  • After catching the Pokemon, for leveling up or gaining XP, either user has to chat with their friends in Discord platform or do battle.
  • There is an Upvote option for Pokecord. By up-voting the Bot, users can claim 100 to 250 credits which can be claimed using command “p!daily claim.”
  • On a per-server basis, the Discord bot allows its users to change the prefix of commands.

The official website of Pokecord is

According to the maximum number of votes by users and number of Discord servers it handles, Pokecord is considered to be the best Discord bot in the genre of Anime fun.


Dankmemer is the next best Discord bot in the category of funny memes or currency. It is also one among that fun to use Discord bots with more than 100 commands on memes, and it is possible even to create your own memes. The unique currency features including the stealing, gambling and bank robbing funny items also makes Dankmemer one of the favorites of Discord users.


Features of Dankmemer include:

  • Dankmemer is a top-quality multipurpose bot which can act as meme bot, music bot, currency bot, Moderation bot, etc.
  • It has over 260 commands which can be used easily by the Discord users.
  • The majority of the commands and the basic features of the Bot will be available for free.
  • Premium users will get more advantages.
  • Users can change the prefix of the commands.

The official website of Dankmemer Discord bot is


Earlier known by the name Gnar, Octave is one of the best Discord bots with a large number of servers and users. Octave provides high-quality audio or music from YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitch etc. to an enormous number of Discord servers. YouTube is the main source of music for the Bot, as it is more sophisticated and has a vast collection of audio choices making it the supreme choice among all.


Features of Octave Discord bot:

  • Custom playlists
  • Bass boost
  • High-quality audio
  • Free voice control
  • Majority of the bot functionalities will be available for free
  • Premium perks will be available.

The link to the official website of Octave Discord bot is

All these features make Octave one of the best Discord bots in the genre of music.

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Some amazing features of are:

  • Users will get to use a wallet that can be used with over 94 cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • A large number of tools for traders, miners, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • There is no network fee for transferring tips and airdrops.
  • Discord bot is very easy to use even for the beginners.
  • There is provision for instant withdrawals and deposits.
  • The platform is 100% secure and safe by providing two-factor authentication.
  • Simple commands for functionalities in the platform

The link to the official website of is provides plenty of advantages and functionalities to the users, which makes it the best Discord bot in the cryptocurrency group.


Mudae is another one among the best Discord bots which allows users to play original multiplayer games, catch Pokemon, customize, fight and claim with a large number of available characters from video games, anime, and manga. It is one simple and fun to use Discord bot with a large number of commands and scope of great gaming experience.


Some features of the Mudae Discord bot are:

  • It has over 42000 avatars from different anime, manga, video games, etc.
  • Mudae provides lots of perks to the Premium users
  • You can completely translate it in french and partially translate it in the other four languages.

The link to the Patreon page of Mudae Discord bot is

GAwesome Bot

If one is looking to include a multipurpose bot to your Discord server, GAwesome may be the best Discord bot choice. It’s a highly customizable and effective bot, which isn’t flawlessly great at the moderation of the chats but moreover brings a ton of fun highlights to extend client movement on the server. It can kick, boycott, or grant part positions but can moreover be utilized to conduct surveys, giveaways, create wiped out memes, and much more.


Features of GAwesome Bot:

It’s a noteworthy multipurpose bot. One can utilize this Bot to stream YouTube recordings, get web come about from Google, and browse Reddit. Additionally, it offers numerous features like In-chat surveys, urban lexicon, to-do list, Wikipedia, and much more.


It’s the next best Discord bot in the line. MEE6 is very comprehensive, with a run of control apparatuses focused on substance creators with huge gatherings. One will be able to set up welcome messages and auto-roles so that clients must accept rules sometime recently joining the server. One can make custom commands that can essentially do anything. it is also considered as one of the best discord bots.


Features of Mee6:

MEE6 moreover encompasses a leveling framework to energize engagement and client devotion and solid, customizable filters for cutting out trolls or NSFW content. One can also utilize MEE6 to make cautions for when any substance goes live on Jerk, YouTube, and Reddit.


Dyno could be a completely customizable discord bot for your discord server that highlights a straightforward and intuitive web dashboard. It brings numerous highlights such as balance, anti-spam/auto-moderation, role administration, custom commands, music bot, and much more. It will enormously rearrange overseeing the server and give numerous valuable and curiously highlights for individuals.


Features of DynoBot:

It’s a feature-rich bot that gives you add up to control over its highlights employing a committed dashboard, including auto-balance with Mod log, planned mutes and bans. It has too been upgraded to distinguish mass-mention or raid spam in community chats.

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Discord bots are the convenient and intuitive app that has picked up notoriety in no time just because of demand at the proper time. The customization highlights they offer to the people at large. It has a broad application program interface and great bolster for bots on the platform. Because of this, there are tons of bots to go around.

In any case, numerous of them fairly duplicate one another’s usefulness. So these were a few of the best discord bots that are worth checking out. That brings us to the conclusion of our list for the best Discord bots which are GAwesome Bot, MEE6, Dank Memer, Pokecord, Dynobot.

We have discussed some of the best Discord bots in different categories like memes, currency, music, anime, cryptocurrency, etc. I hope this article helps find the features and functionalities of these amazing Discord bots.

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