Best Bitcoin Mining Software Tools in 2020

As we have seen in the last couple of years, there has been a huge increase in cryptocurrency awareness. The new generation is starting to trust this new form of currency. There are plenty of ways to earn cryptocurrencies. One is simply buying it from someone who has cryptocurrency; other is by mining them online with the help of computing power. One must have the proper knowledge about the best bitcoin mining software before start mining Bitcoins.

By the usage of powerful GPUs, Asics and FPGAs mining cryptocurrencies have become a feasible process. The problem arises when the process of acquiring this currency is ambiguous and unknown to us.

The technology which is going to use in bitcoin is known as “Blockchain technology.” blockchain is a public ledger. All the transactions from first to recent ones that take place in the bitcoin are recorded under the blockchain. And here, all the new transactions are added by the bitcoin miners. Here Miner’s work is to maintain the blockchain, and in reward, they get the transaction fees and new bitcoins.

All the new bitcoin that comes in the bitcoin market comes with the help of this Miner’s, and this is the only way to have new bitcoin’s in the system. Special computational powers, hardware, massive electricity, and some “Special bitcoin mining software” is required for bitcoin mining. Here mining software plays an important role in the mining of bitcoin.

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Following are the 7 Best Bitcoin Mining Software in 2020

So we are now going to tell you about the best bitcoin mining software out there. This list is made in a way that it will cater to all your problems and dilemmas about cryptocurrency mining.

1. CGminer

CGminer is an open-source bitcoin mining software that was written in c. It is one of the best bitcoin mining software as you can use this software on Windows, Linux, and macOS and others also. This software has a vast amount of features and can get the needed support to use this mining software.

CGMining GUI
CGMining GUI

CGminer provides the facilities of monitoring, and we can also have control over the fan speed, it also has remote interface capabilities. CGminers have no support for CPU/GPU; also, there is no support for an unofficial fork of the CGminer. It has minor differences in the features when it comes to Linux and Windows OS.

Linux provides great stability, better monitoring, and best security features, but in Windows, it gives overclocking tools with the help of which CG miners performance increases as compared to Linux.

2. MultiMiner

MultiMiner is very easy to use software for bitcoin mining purposes. It is a software which is very helpful for the newbies who are just new in the field of mining. MultiMiner is designed by keeping both the newbies and experts in mind. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. From starting up to MultiMiner remoting.


It is the software that will full fill the needs of the miners. The most useful feature that makes this software stand apart as compared to other software is that even most of the advanced features require no configuration. For example, it automatically detects the network devices, as well as remote monitoring its most appealing features, is that we can have control over this rigs on our network from pc as well as from mobile phone.

In MultiMiner, it is very easy to switch the device such as GPU, ASIC, FPGA between cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and others. The engine used by a multi miner is (“Bfgminer”), and it also detects the hardware, and after that, you can free to mine the coin of your choice.

3. BitMinter

When all the process of mining was technically hard at the time when all this mining process started, it was very hard to do the mining stuff as mining client was run from the command-line. Most of the peoples who do not have that much good technical knowledge find it hard to use the command line.


Hence, therefore the idea of using graphical client originated so that mining could be done very quickly. It was made to mine on the graphics card initially. Still, after the completion of the client development, this project was converted into a full mining pool; there is a wide amount of features in the BitMinter.

One of the main features is that it’s easy to use and good to look at the GUI.
Neither we have to install it, nor we have to build or compile ourself we have to get started with BitMinter by getting signup with them. BitMinter mining pool owns its custom miner.

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4. Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is an application based on the windows which are used for monitoring and managing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Centralized management is used for management of up to 2,00,000 miners from a single interface.

Awesome Miner
Awesome Miner

All the popular ASIC miners and CPU/GPU software are supported with the help of this awesome Miner. Awesome Miner has full control over the CPU/GPU mining, as it is initiated and monitored with the help of an awesome miner. The Awesome Miner can use the native locking so with the help of which it can control the clock speed, voltage, power, and the fan properties of the GPU.

Awesome Miners remote agent supports both Windows and Linux, which also manage and monitor GPU miners. It can also display and monitor GPU properties, including clock speed, fan speed, power consumption, and temperature, and we can take actions in case the GPU is failing or running too warm.

5. Easyminer

Easyminer is free and opensource software with the help of which bitcoin can be earned with the help of their own computer CPU/GPU.So now, there is no need to code one’s mining software when you’re getting an easy miner for mining.

Easy Miner
Easy Miner

The Easyminer is open-source software that has a feature with the help of which you can add plugins and packages with them so you can customize your mining software with your own mining need. Easyminer is a lightweight software that uses low resources on CPU/GPU depending upon the Libcurl and Jansson.

You don’t have to pay for easyminer in starting, but you can start getting crypto-coins. Highly optimized easy Miner supports x86/x86-64 machines as well as network mining protocol and also the stratum mining protocol. Mining can be used for pooled mining as well as for solo.

6. Miner server

Many people you start mining always hesitate to invest in high-end ASIC hardware for high-speed computation. To this issue, there is an option for cloud mining. Miner server is a cloud-based mining software where you essentially join a mining pool where other miners are also joined, and then you select a plan for which you pay an amount annually.

Miner Server
Miner Server

For your selected plan, you are provided with a specific hashing power. This power can vary from 250gh/s to 600,000gh/s. Whatever profit that is received is divided amongst the miners that are in that pool. The interface is easy to understand and get used to. The features also include all the fundamentals required for mining.

In addition to this, if you give your friends your referral code and they join the community with the referral code, you get an increase in your hashing power, free of cost, and there are no profit cuts too.

7. BFGminer

Written in c language, BFGminer is an ASIC/frame modular. Its features include dynamic remote interface capabilities and monitoring. Its heavily threaded code helps in retrieval and submission of work and not hinder devices working.


BFGminer comes with a watchdog thread that automatically detects and restarts them without the whole system crashing down. It also supports ‘getblocktemplate’ that helps in the generation of work before the completion of the existing work.

It can automatically configure itself to failover to solo mining and block submission when the core is running. Also, it can detect failing pools and disable them. BFG miner provides for various drivers for bitcoin-like twinfury USB stick miner, dribillit thumb, and eight, ZTEKS FPGA board.

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We have explored every aspect of mining cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional miner, there is a mining software for everyone. The most important point is to read about mining software before installing it.

Written by Mohit Rajora

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