What Does Sus Mean?

I am not into the cool internet stuff and hence don’t know much of the new-gen slang. What does sus mean? Here’s a check out the upward push of this precise piece of internet slang.

What does sus mean?

Even apart from Among Us, “sus” exists on its own. People frequently discuss things as “sus” even if they have got nothing to do with video games. It has become a part of an average web user’s vocabulary and is seen everywhere from Youtube videos to tweets.

Red kinda sus

If you need to explain something as “sus,” you would possibly say “You are sus” or “That’s sus” or  Many human beings say “sus” in actual life to explain something suspicious, such as a strange-appearing piece of meat in the refrigerator or a spam email promising tens of thousands and thousands of bucks in gold.

“Sus” and Its Origins

If you have been on the internet recently or hung out with a teenager, you may have heard them saying something “sus,” that’s shorthand for “suspect” or “suspicious”. Or Something or a person is “sus” if it or they appear cheating or untrustworthy.

While the general use of “sus” is a surprisingly recent phenomenon, the time period itself, used to explain untrustworthy things, predates the internet. People have used the expression “sus out” to explain acquiring the truth from a person for decades. You have possibly heard it from famous crime shows on television.

The primary definition of “sus” on the web slang repository Urban Dictionary dates back to 2003. This way that human beings were using this term online for a while. So why has it emerged as this sort of culturally extensive-phrase on the web? It’s due to a viral online game referred to as Among Us.

Two types of sus

What’s taken into consideration “sus” may be widely split into 2 things: sus things and sus people.

Someone is considered sus in case you sense like they are lying or omitting a part of the truth. For example, if they appear stressed and anxious at the same time as talking to you, you then definitely may say “You are appearing sort of sus.” This is likewise actual if a person is probably encouraged through hidden intentions. For example, if a person asks “Hey, can I borrow your drill machine?” and you are now no longer sure why they need it, you would possibly say “That’s sus.”

On the other hand, there are sus things. This may be a literal object, like a faux product that you purchased, or something extra abstract, like a proposal that appears too appropriate to be authentic. For example, if the “iPhone” that you purchased online appears to be running like a 5-year-old model of Android, it would nicely be defined as sus.


To use “sus,” replace it every time you say “suspect” or “suspicious.”  Unlike web acronyms which might be meaningless in case you don’t surf the web, “sus” is well-known enough that even a person with minimum know-how of the net can recognize it.

That was it in today’s article on “what does sus mean?”. Stay connected. Thank you.

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