What Does OFC Mean?

In today’s article, we will see what does ofc mean? You will get all your answers regarding this. So let’s get started.

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What does OFC mean?

OFC is an internet acronym for “of course.” It is utilized in online chats as a shorthand whilst you do not need to type the complete phrase. You can also use OFC in YouTube comments, tweets, or social media posts. You can write ofc in each lowercase and uppercase. However, the lowercase “ofc” is appreciably more common in textual content messages.

OFC is regularly used to reiterate that something is glaringly true. For example, if a person asks you in case you pick the mountains or the beach, you may reply with, “The mountains, of.” You can also use OFC to express your same opinion about something. For example, a person would possibly ask you in case you enjoy pineapples on pizza. If you hate pineapples on pizza, you may say, “Ofc, fruit does not belong on pizza.”

The meaning of OFC can change depending on its use in a sentence. If you use “ofc” at the beginning of a sentence, it’s regularly something nice and particular. When introduced to the end of a sentence, OFC takes on a barely extra sarcastic tone.

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Origin of OFC

OFC is one of the older web slang phrases we have encountered. The first definition for ofc on the net slang repository was created in June 2004. However, it was possibly widespread use before 2004 in early net communication channels, along with IRC and bulletin boards.


With the upward thrust of spontaneous messaging and chatting apps, OFC has become even more ubiquitous in web culture. It is handy in textual content threads, in which human beings must compose and send messages as quickly as possible. OFC is just like different slang phrases, including SRSLY and W/E, each abbreviation of famous words.

When used at the end of a sentence, “ofc” will become extra snarky. When used this way, “ofc” relates with “obviously.” For example, you ask a person if they have seen a viral film trailer. If they sense that the answer to the query is obvious, they may say, “Yeah, ofc.”

In recent years, an opportunity definition of OFC has emerged. Instead of meaning “of course,” it could additionally mean “Of F****** Course” or “Of Freaking Course.” The expletive in the centre makes the term rudely dismissively and tells the other individual that you are angry with the query.

How to use ofc?

Before using OFC in your messages to make typing fast, understand that it is an informal slang phrase. Could you not use it in formal situations? In most instances, you must use the slang in lowercase.

Some of the examples include-

  • Ofc it is fine!
  • I am going to get a haircut, ofc

Using OBV or OBVI in place of OFC

Since OFC is mainly synonymous with the word “obviously,” you have to be capable of using the two famous abbreviations for this phrase interchangeably with OFC in most circumstances. These acronyms are OBV and OBVI.

OBV and OBVI would possibly produce a more informal tone than OFC. However, be cautious—a few human beings would perhaps consider it to sound barely condescending. For example, instead of saying, “OFC, I am coming to the party”, you may say, “OBV, I’m coming.”

If you need to be a bit more well-mannered or barely more formal with your language, stay with OFC. Otherwise, OBV and OBVI may be the correct options to consider using.

Final words on what does ofc mean?

In conclusion, I would say that ofc is an informal term. Hence, it would be best if you used it wisely. I hope you enjoyed the article. Stay connected. Thank you.

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