What Does IYKYK Mean?

If you don’t know the newest web acronyms, you may also not have heard about IYKYK. Read further to find out what it means and how you can use it.

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What does IYKYK mean?

IYKYK means “If you know you know.” This acronym means that a message or post will make sense to a few humans and make no sense to others. Often, the post could have a few callbacks to a selected experience that will immediately stand out to individuals who are “in the know.” It may be written in each the uppercase IYKYK and the lowercase “iykyk.”


IYKYK is frequently typed as a hashtag delivered to the caption of a photograph or video, mainly on social media like Instagram and TikTok. For example, a person would possibly submit a video of themselves at a celebration with the caption, “Last party was crazy! #iykyk.” This means that something precise happened at that party that the people will understand.

This is much like an “internal joke,” that’s a humorous anecdote that only multiple pals will understand. They both suggest that there are a few internal understanding that makes something amusing.

Origin of IYKYK

Unlike many web slang phrases that we cowl on this site, “IYKYK” is the latest invention. The acronym and word first appeared on Urban Dictionary in December of 2016, nicely into the social media age. It began appearing in social media posts earlier than a year before turning into a famous acronym numerous years later.

One of the things that helped release the acronym into the mainstream is a 2018 track titled “If You Know You Know.” In 2020, IYKYK has become even more famous due to an unexpectedly developing TikTok hashtag, wherein customers could make videos for particular audiences.

In simple words…….

So what does IYKYK mean? It relies upon who is posting. If it is on a big, public platform like Twitter or TikTok, the content is probably trying to attract a particular but big audience.

If the post refers to a particular type of hobby, you’ll recognize if you engaged in that hobby. For instance, if a person posts something with the caption “Music manufacturing woes #iykyk,” it could make sense to you if you additionally produce music. It additionally applies to a fanbase for a bit of media, like a video game or TV show.

Another usual instance of an IYKYK situation is a shared experience amongst an age group. For instance, a person would possibly publish, “When I’m in digital class and my camera is turned off #iykyk.” While the content of this published post would possibly make an ideal sense to a youngster who went to high school during digital classes, it won’t make any sense for a person who by no means experienced that.

IYKYK is not for everyone

When a person makes use of IYKYK on a greater private feed, consisting of their Instagram stories, then they may be possibly hinting at a selected group of their pals and acquaintances. These posts are usually related to a selected shared experience with different people. To position it simply, in case you had been there, you’d apprehend. If not, you would not.

For example, in case you’ve been hopping on Zoom film nights together along with your pals for the past few days, something humorous may have passed off in one of these calls. Therefore, you may put up an Instagram story that references the incident, alongside “IYKYK” as a diffused wink at your pals. If one of your other pals did not show up to the call, they possibly wouldn’t apprehend the reference.

How to use IYKYK

If you need to use IYKYK, make a social media post with a small hint about any event or experience that not everyone shares. Do not give away too much in the post. Or the post will appear funny.

Some of the sentences that you can use as a caption:

  • When the much-awaited trip turns out crazier than expected #iykyk
  • This movie date was really special. #iykyk
  • Well, I am not going to that club again. IYKYK

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