How To Make Public Profile On Snapchat 

In today’s article, we will see how to make public profile on Snapchat. Making a public profile on Snapchat means the whole people can see you. If you want to make your private profile public you can easily do with some changes in the settings.

Nowadays content creators are everywhere Instagram is most used by influencers, and celebrities to post publicly. Snapchat has also introduced the feature of making a public profile and visibility of pictures, and videos to everyone. This is useful for the content creators who post daily on their stories so that the whole world or their followers can not be limited to seeing them only on Instagram.

There is one condition on making your profile public on Snapchat that you are a regular user or you want to post daily.

How To Make Public Profile On Snapchat?

There are two terms you can go public. You can make your profile public with some settings in your Snapchat or you can also make your new profile which is shown as a public profile.

First, we should discuss how you can make your profile public from settings:

  • Open your Profile on your Snapchat and click to the left of the corner which indicates the settings icon.
  • Next by clicking on the settings icon you have categories of options. Scroll down and go to who can option from your screen
    How To Make Public Profile On Snapchat
    How To Make Public Profile On Snapchat (1)
  • Here, you have four alternatives which you have to change. First, change the contact from my friends to everyone.
  • Next, change the view of my story to everyone.

In this method, you can make your profile public easily by showing your visibility to everyone.

Creating A Public Profile 

  • To create the public profile the first step is to go on the profile you will see the option of creating a public profile below your story section.
  • Tap to create a public profile. Follow the instructions and press get started from the screen.
  • Click on the create. You can see in the image
    How To Make Public Profile On Snapchat
    How To Make Public Profile On Snapchat
  • You are done! You have created your public profile which you can see on your screen.
  • Next, you have to edit and fill in all the information like bio, photo, choose the name whatever you want for your public profile.

Can You Delete Your Public Profile?

You can easily delete your public profile. Tap to the settings icon scroll down and choose the delete account option and follow the process.


The public profile is visible to everyone; whoever subscribes to your profile can see your stories, and snaps regularly. This will help the content creators to stay in touch with their fans and followers.

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