8 Best Calorie Counter Apps For Fitness Freaks in 2020

Ever wondered what fueled your daily tasks? How are you able to do all that you can? Yes, energy from the food you have is the easy answer, but what gives you this energy? Are you looking for the best calorie counter apps? If a calorie is what crossed your mind, then are right.

So what is a calorie? Calories in food provide us the energy needed by our bodies to function. It is essential to keep calories in check if you ever feel you are unhealthy. If one Intakes a lot of calories and does not do enough to burn them off, it will lead to unnecessary weight gain.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you burn. Frankly, most of the weight loss programs are centered around this very concept. The key is to consume the right amount and to burn off the rest through various activities.

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8 Best Calorie Counter Apps in 2020

Different people have different requirements. It’s hard for one to calculate what his calorie requirements are on his own. That’s where calorie counter apps feature. Calorie tracker helps to log your food, figuring how much calories each contains, and shows you detailed info regarding daily calorie limit.

Over the years, many apps have been launched for both Android and IOS platforms and on top of that, the best apps are free to use. So here, we bring together the list of 5 Best Calorie Counter Apps, that will keep your health in check.

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is our top pick for the best calorie counter app available at the moment. It is free to use with over 6 million foods in their database. You can easily check the number of calories that are in the food you consume. The app does not limit itself to calculate only calories; you can additionally calculate macros, sugar, vitamins, and more.


The app interface is simple and easy to use. It shows the amount of calories you consumed on a specific day, amount to be consumed to reach the daily budget, and the number of calories burned.

The app has a barcode scanner making it easy for the user to log in the foods. You can add the recipe of your meals to calculate the calorie you consumed through it. This feature makes MyFitnessPal stand out from the rest. The premium version is ad-free, more customizable, and adds several other nutritional information.

Download the app here:

2) Lose It!

Lose It is another fitness-oriented app with all the necessary features. Similar to MyFitnessPal, the app lets you customize and personalize your daily food requirements. It has a barcode scanner to log in to the food you have quickly. The calorie budget enables you to stay focused on your goal to cut or to gain your required weight.

Lose it!
Lose it!

You can sync with any fitness band and share your progress with your friends. Additionally, there is now a snap feature in which you can take a photo of the food you had and send it over. Overall, it is one of the best user-friendly apps to keep your calories in the count.


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3) FatSecret

FatSecret is another calorie counter app that makes into our list of Best calorie counter apps present today. It comes with the usual diary, food database, barcode scanner, recipes, and weight loss tracker.


There is a chat community where users can interact, share their tips and stories. The biggest highlight of FatSecret is that the app is 100% free, unlike other apps on our list. So if you are a person looking for an app that ultimately delivers FatSecret won’t disappoint you.

Get the app here:

4) Cronometer

Cronometer is also similar to other calorie counter apps. You log in and enter your details, and the app helps you make your own personalized goal. It presents the data in easy to understand charts and icons.


Cronometer also lets you track if you are already on a diet. For instance, if you are on a low-carb diet, you have the option to make the app know and personalize accordingly. Cronometer is one of the best calorie counter apps available.

Get the app here:

5) HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe is an underrated app that can easily make it into the best calorie counter app list in the market. It has a respectable food database and goal tracking that motivates you to stay fit. You have a chat room where you can talk to experts in the business or even hire yourself a personal coach to reach your goals faster.


The coaches help you to follow a unique plan for your diet. Everything in the app is flexible, with the only shortcoming being the fact that the app is not entirely free. The majority of the features are only unlocked by paying, but what they bring along makes it worth it.


6) Nutritionix – Track – Calorie Counter

Considered to nutritionists’ favorite, Nutritionix takes a much more scientific approach to calorie counting. While it’s not trying to be the best calorie counting app by checking all of the boxes that its competing apps do, it does what it’s designed to do the best. It boasts a database engineered by nutritionists and dieticians, and it definitely shows in the extensive and high quality of the data input and recognition system.

Nutritionix - Track - Calorie Counter
Nutritionix – Track – Calorie Counter

The app functions just fine while used by itself, but falters to a large extent when used with auxiliary apps. (recurring problems have been reported when the app is integrated with the first party fitness tracking platforms like Apple Health and Google Fit)
But purely in its effort to be the best calorie counter app, Nutritionix goes farther than a lot of its competitors.

Download –

7) SparkPeople – Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

SparkPeople may be the best calorie counter app, not based on any of its functionalities, app features, or database, but instead, because of its idea. This app encourages and follows a “Buddy System” towards calorie counting, and buys into this system entirely.

It effectively socializes fitness, with the idea that the average user is more likely to follow through with their calorie deficit diet by counting if they are consistently and publicly accountable to their peers.

SparkPeople - Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker
SparkPeople – Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

This overall idea can be seen as a feature of the app itself and is worth a try for calorie counters everywhere.

SparkPeople does everything else usually and reliably, like counting and keeping track of your calorie intake, having a decent database of food products and its permanent caloric ratings, etc.
SparkPeople gives its users a unique experience, which may or may not resonate with everyone, but its core idea may make it the best calorie counter app currently on the market.

Download –

8) Joy Health Tracker

The most barebones of the best calorie counter apps of all of the mentions here, Joy Health Tracker makes no attempt to deviate from its initial purpose – closely tracking all manner of calorie intake. The interface is skeletal as best, which requires a bit of know-how of the app before you can navigate around it (you get used to the interface reasonably quickly, and can focus on the quality of the app itself).

Joy Health Tracker
Joy Health Tracker

The app offered excellent analysis and functional graphics to go along with it, making it easier for you to understand your fitness journey.

The interface, once you learn how to get through it, becomes exceptionally convenient to use.
The app has no ads, is clean to use, and going premium with it would give you a much better experience than its competitors in the same range, and is highly recommended.

Download –

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That ends our list of the 5 best calorie counter apps present today. Many more apps would be launched in the near future, but as of now, these are the best ones to go for. The list has been put together after hours of research, and we hope we helped you to choose better.

Written by Jatin Bisht

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