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Get the Best Modular Touch Lights in 2021 For Your Home Décor

Thanks to their aesthetically attractive and modern nature, modular touch Lighting modules are now steadily getting prominence and attention. The hexagon structure has become the most common in unique shapes and styles for the labels that sell these, associating with design adaptability and easy mounting capability. Both plain and normal to intricate components and stylish, such best modular touch lights can convert any space to an attractive one. Such geometric wall lightings have several unique adjustable features, like wall positioning and various color options, ranging from purple to blue and warmer to cold shades. The alternatives are infinite and convenient for use. 

Amongst the most admiring devices in recent times has been customizable touch light frames. But why is it so popular and trendy in the marketplace? Is it an ambiance or a utility? Hexlights within such a modular lighting category are very uncommon. These are extremely versatile, simple to use, and you can position them nearly on any ground, the most common being ceilings. The checkerboard components can be affixed either by just using soggy rollers or a sticky tape available in the welcome kit or using the openings upon its back of every other panel to hook on through bolts. Also, every package has a frequency sensor for detecting the spacing. The body would then switch on/off as users interact with the panel. You can use every other panel part and perhaps other structural components.


 Four best modular touch lights in 2021

1. Modular Touch Sensitive Quantum Hexagonal Led Lamp Night Light EO – AU

It is a panel light for customizable touch screens. This design makes it possible for the user to move efficiently where individuals want or need illumination, convert the surface into a platform and use your fingers as a tool. The mixture of functionality and light regulation is similar to a brand that the consumer can fully adjust. This service provides opportunities unique to each area for led lighting.

The component includes various connecting hexagons of acrylic to create a touchpad wall light through magnets and intertwining designs. The spins that bring up the technical link here between modules also facilitate the passage of current between them.

best modular touch lights
Modular Touch Sensitive Quantum Hexagonal Led Lamp Night Light EO – AU

The switching on and off of each element with its haptic feedback sensor using the package’s power supply. The service’s basic concept is to enable people to switch the inner structure of the spaces into a source of light. By simply moving the exterior, it provides the customer a chance to enhance the direction they strike. Transform the inner building into yet another palette, then let the using hand be as a consumer tool. Its per energy consumption is 0.7W. The lighting intensity of the Continuous illumination reaches 3200k. Generating eighty lumens in each assembly.

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2. Helios touch lights

To best fit with every theme, two shades of light, Helios is the top priority among the best modular touch lights. If you are hoping to add usable wall art to boost a room’s environment, the Helios touch hexagon tapping LED lights are a wonderful pick. You may change rooms to match either a working model or a soothing mode, including two colors of light, including warm and cold. You can attach these to the top using sticky pads given (and an instructional video of how to mount them on the homepage) and then you can mount their end of the components to nails as the back of holes have lights.

best modular touch lights
Helios touch lights

For all those who are busy, the Helios touch tiles’ versatility functions as they come with various sensor arrays that can sense the body’s range while interacting with either the panel. Thus, every part of the body will switch the power on. Helios Touch is a tool that has all the functionality mentioned herein. It is a compact device of responsive lighting with dynamic panels, and then you’ll have the particular light form.

Each panel is hexagonally built and separately reacts to contact. Two styles, Warm White as well as Cool White, are presently available from Helios Contact. For comfortable rooms like such a lounge or any space, the fluorescent version is a better fit. With bright rooms such as an office, kitchen, etc., the pastel pink edition is fine. You could use up to 24 shades on one power source. And it also includes a foreign power supply supplying several sockets.

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3. Nanoleaf Hexagon Light Panel Hands-on

During CES 2020, Nanoleaf demonstrates their Hexagonal light frames. This model arrives with touch functionality, mobile power, and many other smart features, much like its older versions. It’s surprisingly compact and slim. It responds to music and is built-in with a lot of colors presets. As per your desires, the RGB lights are adjustable. One can order these Nanoleaf hexagonal displays now.

You can also buy screws and hooks to mount these using screws, all of which require double-sided tape for mounting on the panel. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS, Android, and SmartThings are all compliant with Nanoleaf. The Nanoleaf is perhaps the most innovative and luxurious layout for hexagon touch light screens with far more than 16 million color schemes. They are ideal for anyone with flexible budgets, with base stations around $190 and touching levels of $500+.

Nanoleaf Hexagon Light Panel Hands-on
Nanoleaf Hexagon Light Panel Hands-on

Nanoleaf is a sleek and compact design that responds to audio, controls the handset for iOS and Android, and provides simple connectivity with a touch feature. All of the Nanoleaf hexagon grids bind together, ensuring that you’ll get many more or as few hexagon modules to suit your needs. The best thing about such best modular touch lights is that it is provided with adjustable buttons. Hence the system is relatively easy to use. It equips both Google Assistant and Alexa, touch, mobile, and voice power.

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4. Yescom LifeSmart LED Smart Hexagon Touch Lights

Yescom LifeSmart is an awesome DIY LED light package that fits over ten light blocks and one tabletop foundation. By that, this Wi-Fi intelligent LED light package features ten extremely adjustable wall fixing bases. You will be able to enjoy this wonderful part of DIY with this unit. There are ten pieces that you can break together to establish your distinctive shape and style. You will be likely to appreciate the magnificent effects, and with the greatest simplicity, you would be capable of creating a romantic setting. 

With voice commands, you would control the system using your mobile or the voice detector on the USB cord. In conjunction with the sound it hears, the light’s colors can shift. Nearly sixteen million shades and three color variants are available to choose from, like Dynamic, Selecting, and Personalize. Each light is 86 (L) by 74.5 (W) while also 30.5 (H) mm. With all of these decorations, you would be able to substantially improve your home’s interior design as well as decoration. These available with one, 3, 6, 7, 10 tabletop positioning and about ten pieces wall mount set in a DIY LED, the best module touch lights kit.

best modular touch lights
Yescom LifeSmart LED Smart Hexagon Touch Lights

Wi-Fi, smartphones, and sound lighting for quick connectivity are all these hexagon lighting screens. The Yescom Lifesmart hexagon light’s special advantage is that the lights can be dim as well as multi-color for various effects.

Any of its positive aspects have several incredible colors from which to choose. And it’s pretty quick to run. You may also customize it to fit your desire. It offers multiple control choices. And you can choose among three separate configurations.

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What to consider before buying the best modular touch lights?


There is pressure for continuous and steady improvement and renovations, with style continually shifting and developing. Yet these lightings have a potential for all of this. You like reliability and adaptability when it comes to buying hexagonal contact bulbs. Such lights are an efficient way to convert a wall art space. While still making them fulfill the purpose of providing more light with the best modular touch lights.

All the items we glanced at in this are all somehow adjustable, whether color, positioning, or both. Such lights will seek to change the chosen design.

Not everybody has a similar taste. Although these decorations are suitable for those already in their houses who want something a little different.

Simple to Apply

When it applies to adjusting light fittings and designing spaces, everyone seeks comfort. It makes them some excellent light fixtures for any room, with these wall lighting panels are simple to adjust. These hexagon lights can be wall-mounted and fixed with anchors to one another to guarantee that the design is firmly positioned. However, they can also change if you want to alter the plan now and then.

Additional attributes

It is not just the aesthetically appealing design and the modifiability. But the extra factors make them a simple light fixture when hunting for the best modular touch lights. Their main purpose is to create light to enhance your room. But it is also nice to have those features that make it much easier to use. Some of this hexagon led lighting are powered separately by touching and swiping, making them easy to toggle on and off. It is, however, nice to have them compliant with Wi-Fi for more connectivity.

You are looking for those compliant with the gadgets and mobile phones, including an iOS or Android OS smartphone, for the best modular touch lights. With such a means, you still have the other bit of kit when you traverse a room. Which can toggle those fixtures on and off. Although being a fantastic unit, when utilizing with higher luminosity, it appears to avoid working. A few of these lighting can be powered via these devices. Even if you have both Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant system available, making connectivity and functionality simple.


Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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