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10 Best HDMI Switch to Buy Online in 2020 with Pros and Cons

Using HDMI Switches is very prominent in current days. It is very beneficial as compared to normal switches as we all might have faced problems with them some time or another. While using multiple devices at once, we face many connections as well as port issues. If you are using a laptop, TV, play station, etc. at the same time, you run out of ports. And as the normal switches have a fixed number of ports, this limitation doesn’t allow the user to use multiple devices at once. Multiple connectivities are not possible in such cases and hence the use of the best HDMI switch is prominent.

All these devices require HDMI ports to which the best HDMI switches give you full benefit in connecting various devices at once. And hence for your convenience, here we are going to discuss the best HDMI switch that is prominent in India. All along with their details, brief information about why they are good and bad as well.

Parameters to be discussed

Before listing the best HDMI switch, we should know what parameters we will be discussing about the HDMI switcher. The most important factor is a resolution that we all must be looking for, then we see about the ports. After these, another considering factor is controls. For resolution, you must be wondering how it makes a difference.

As multiple devices connect, it is obvious that resolution can vary. So you must see for the switch which provides the resolution best suitable to your working needs like something that provides HDMI switch 4k.  the next more prominent factor why we should consider HDMI switcher is ported. We use the HDMI switcher precisely because of the availability of ports for multiple devices. You can obviously choose between the best HDMI switch based on the number of ports as they vary the basis of ports. Some are available with two ports while others can even give you the availability of 5 input ports. This is the factor you must be looking for while selecting your choice of port.

Next comes controllability. It is highly considered as this is necessary while using your devices. If you want to switch your devices while using the switch, smooth transition, and controls of transfer should be adequate. Some best HDMI switch offers you inbuilt controllability along with a remote controlling device.

Along with the information about switches, you must also the article if you have any queries with your TV port. And even knowing about the best HDMI 4k switch for gaming and other important details.


Reviews on best HDMI switch:

  1. Kinivo HDMI switch 4K premium

Here you will be getting a resolution of 4K with about 60 Hz including 2 input ports. One of the striking features is the data transmission rate that it provides. The data transmission rate is around 18 Gbps with a warranty of 1 year.

kinivo premium HDMI switch 4K
Kinivo HDMI switch 4K premium

Some of the pros of buying this switch are that it provides decent transmission and provides HDR video transmission. Also as read above, another advantage is the high resolution that it provides in 4K 60 Hz. And is fully reliable with controllability factors including the audio and video output is uncompressed. These are a few factors that distinguish Kinivo from other brands. One of the most premium and popular HDMI switch 4K providing you with a large range of HDMI splitting port.

You can surely look out for it as it is available with high-end compatibility and a very premium 4K 60 Hz support.

  1. Farraige HDMI Switch 4K

It is also one of the leading brands in this market providing high-end operations and precisely a fair resolution. The product is genuinely intriguing and could be a great option for you at a decent amount. This affordability factor is distinguishing it as it provides a good data transmission rate and a year warranty. The people who are looking for a budget gadget can look forward to this switch. It provides a 4K resolution, a 2 input port connection availability. Although, it provides less transmission rate as compared to the above one, being a budget gadget makes it more buyable. It gives a 3.4 Gbps data transmission rate which is not at all a bad buy.

Farraige HDMI Switch 4K
Farraige HDMI Switch 4K

Farraige has a similar design to that of Kinivo, including an HDMI switch LED indicator along with it. Definitely, one of the bigger pros of this is its affordability as compared to others. At a lesser price, it is enabling a 4K resolution and a year warranty also. The LED indicator is also enhancing your experience, as it shows which port is connected while using the switch.

  1. Kinivo 501 BN HDMI Switch 4K

Another good buy from Kinivo is this 501 BN HDMI switch. Almost similar configurations like the premium one, only the resolution is a bit changed. It gives a 4K 30 Hz resolution experience with multiple port connectivity. The data transmission is equal to 18 Gbps similar to the previous one. However, it comes with a wireless remote that is making the experience of using this gadget more enhancing and comfortable. A one-year warranty is given for this as well.

Kinivo 501 4K
Kinivo 501 BN HDMI Switch 4K

The intriguing factor for considering this switch is its multiple port connectivity. Unlike the premium one, it provides more port connection, which is around 5 ports. It works extremely well in all the devices, so controllability is not at the stack to the presence of multiple ports.

The IR wireless remote is the distinguishing factor also. Enhances the user experience in controlling the 5 port switch easily and comfortably. The resolution is a little less compared to kinovo premium, but it should be sufficient for all the purposes including gaming. Kinivo gives the best HDMI switch for gaming and provides premium services. The warranty is also 1-year being a kinovo gadget.

  1. Swapkart Switch

Another brand that is doing well is Swapkart. It also provides the HDMI switch with multiple port connectivity. It is as good as others for normal day-to-day work. The data transmission rate is a bit lesser than the previous ones but should be sufficient for smooth working. The resolution is as good, giving a 4K resolution with a data transmission rate of about 10.2 Gbps. Again, if you are on a budget you should consider this option. It is very affordable and reliable.

Swapkart Switch
Swapkart Switch

One of the different factors of this gadget is it provides 3 input ports which are usually not seen in budget switches. Apart from the transmission, all the other factors make this option a must buy. It offers great video and audio quality. An exciting thing about this device, it comes with an inbuilt HDMI output cable which is beneficial for the users. The 4K video resolution is as good as the other options available. It also supports 3D video streaming with enhanced audio quality. The warranty is the same as about 1-year and is a reliable product.

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  1. C&E Full HD

This device from C&E is an affordable option having a very low price tag. It is a good buy but you might think about it twice. This switch comes with multiple input ports which are around 5 and along with it, you get a wireless remote. This is the most number of ports we have discussed till now. And the remote is obviously enhancing the user experience by making the switching between ports easier.

C&E Full HD
C&E Full HD

However, this switch is a bit lower in resolution as it is providing a 1080 full HD resolution. But then also it gives good quality on your TV or PC. The data transmission rate is also lesser than the previous one. Here the rate is 7.8 Gbps which is accountable for good video and audio streaming. Also supporting 3D video streaming. The design is a bit at a lower end, but it works extremely well. At such a lower price, these specifications are good enough.

The overall built of this device by C&E is average and also provides a warranty of 6-months. The specifications are good to go for a price like that.

  1. Ganix HDMI Switch

Ganix also provides a decent HDMI splitter at an affordable range. The product is comparatively smaller than the other options available. Also, it provides a good 4K resolution with multiple ports around 2. This is included in this list of best HDMI switch because of the LED indicator. And a high resolution that it offers at a lesser price tag.

Ganix HDMI Switch

It is a budget option and is providing with a transmission rate of 3.4 Gbps. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any warranty as Ganix is not a bigger brand like others. just a few of its specifications are intriguing to some users.

  1. Famous Quality HDMI Splitter

The built-in quality of this product is very good. It comes with a 4K resolution and 2 input bidirectional ports. This means you can connect either 2 displays to one port or you can connect 2 ports with one display. The data transmission rate is lesser than about 3.4 Gbps.

Famous Quality
Famous Quality HDMI Splitter

The overall built is strong and of great quality. The bidirectional port connectivity is a distinguishing factor here. It has a 1-year warranty which is decent.

  1. Iogear 8-port HDMI switch

One of the most brilliant quality product is by IO gear. It gives high performance with a strong in-built quality and a greater resolution. The product is very reliable and worth the cost. It offers the most number of ports we have read till now. This has about 8 input ports along with RS 232 port. The resolution is extremely good offering about 1080p resolution. It also supports 3D streaming and has a high end in audio streaming as well.

IOGear 8-port
Iogear 8-port HDMI switch

Comes with an IR remote to control all the 8 ports comfortably. The built is decent with a LED indicator included in the front. However, it does not provide 4K streaming which should have been available at this price. It is quite expensive than the others listed above. The switching is easy but is not comparable with auto-switching.

  1. Totu 501 BN HDMI Splitter

The switch by Totu is also very reliable and durable. You will see a 4K 60 Hz resolution along with stereo audio support. It is available in 4-ports, where the switching is automatic and easier with the IR remote that comes along with it.

Totu 501 BN
Totu 501 BN HDMI Splitter

It supports 3D video and audio streaming giving a high-end experience to users. Also, have a very high data transmission rate of about 18 Gbps. The built is better than any other, including the aluminum body that is protecting it from scratches. The size of the device is also small.

Altogether, the switch is decent and offers some great specifications. The streaming experience is good with lag-free streaming.

  1. Techole HDMI Switch

One of the affordable, as well as premium experience gadgets, is provided by Roku. This HDMI switcher has 2 input/output ports that are it is a bidirectional switcher. The resolution it offers is also excellent. A 4K experience with the support of 3C video and audio streaming makes it more spectacular.

Techole HDMI Switch

Even it offers high data transmission of about 10.2 Gbps which is sufficient for a lag-free experience. And is one of the best HDMI switch for gaming in terms of affordability. It comes with a LED indicator in-built in front. You can also check out our similar article of Best Modem Router for Comcast.

However, this does not come with an IR remote which is a drawback. It has buttons but the user experience is not up to the mark with them. Also, it does not include HDMI connecting cables, which must have been there. But then we are taking an affordable option.

Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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