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5 Best Bluetooth Car Adapter for Music 2020 [Complete Guide]

It is important to first know basically what is a car adapter and its various types. So the best Bluetooth car adapter for music are of generally 3 types. That is:

  1. Aux-In: 3.5mm input
  2. FM-transmitter: FM frequencies
  3. Visor type: Its own Speakers

Firstly, coming to the Aux-in type, these come with a cable that is to be connecting directly to the input port. These have a smaller price tag than we compare to others. Here the Bluetooth available easily connects to your mobile and this signal is then decompressed converting it to an analog signal.

While the FM transmitter gets the FM frequencies that we generally use in our day to day car travel. These are only recommended if you do not have AUX-in in your car/bile. Personally saying, that the cheaper ones in FM transmitter are not worthy because the noise cancellation is too bad there. You can slightly push the range and take a better disturbance-cancellation product. Talking about the price for both. So comparatively both come in a cheaper price range while the visor type is a bit costlier.

This comes with an inbuilt speaker which provides you the clear noise and a major advantage is its wireless system. In these, you won’t have any distortions or background noise. The main thing which people ignore is feedback. The feedback is also not present which gives you better performance of the device. In the FM type, the noise from these signals is too much and leads to overcrowding of signals. But, still, they are more recommended than the Aux-In type or say without the Aux-in type. However, that cable with the Aux-in is to be connected to a 3.5mm AUX-in port.


Why a Bluetooth Car Adapter is required?

The Bluetooth car adapter is generally required as they help you drive without any little distractions. It makes your work in the car easier and also the wireless feature gives you a little better driving experience. This is mostly recommended to advance the safety of people. In the market, we have various best Bluetooth car adapters for music, but you should have a comparison before buying any low-quality product. With these Bluetooth car adapters, you can do various things like connect your phone with it, receive calls via it. Basically, it removes the slightest distraction that you can get while driving.

We also have normal adapters which are used maybe just for receiving phone calls, some are only for embarking good music. Which means some are too basic to use. But while the best Bluetooth car receiver allows you to make hands-free Controllability. With some brilliant pieces having all kinds of function buttons on them. Some have these blinking LEDs to enhance your experience obviously, also have an LCD. Even some offer you with voice-controllability of the device which is pretty cool though, but expensive.

However, summing up all to say that you must check and compare the adapters before installing it in your vehicle.

The best Bluetooth car adapter for music or other purposes are the ones that allow you hands-free operations. It should have a good noise cancellation so that while you are on road. It removes the background disturbance while speaking on the mic. So, it becomes important to check if your vehicle has an in-built Aux-in or not. If it is not there, then you must have the FM kit to give yourself more voice controllability.

The things you must see while buying the best Bluetooth car adapter for music:

  1. The voice/audio performance

The only main things while checking for good quality of audio are the signal strength and its clarity. As both play a major role. As clarity defines the minimal distortion and background noise canceling. If the sound is without any distortions, then the quality is high. Secondly, strength defines max stereo expatriation. These signals have loud noise and are comparatively greater signal-to-noise ratio.

  1. Connectivity

It sometimes becomes an issue while traveling with a bunch of people who have their own devices. And there is only one device connectivity. There are adapters that allow multiple connectivities, but few have a single connectivity option only. So that is also a major feature.

  1. Pairing

We all have problems while pairing the device. But the best Bluetooth car adapter for music is the ones that do not have to be paired manually every time. The pairing should be automatic and fast. The connectivity is to be strong as if you are in range, it should connect to your device. So precisely check for that.

  1. Hands-free operation

The feature that we have been talking about. The reason why Bluetooth car adapter is important. This should be checked before purchasing the product. Also, check how well it is operating as many fail your expectation one’s started using regularly.

  1. Stereo Audio Jack

These improve the multiple functionalities of the adapter. As these have buttons to control the phone, which in-fact improves your hands-free experience.

So the TOP 5 Best Bluetooth Car Adapter for music 2020

  1. Mpow MBR2 Bluetooth Car Kit

One of the best Bluetooth car kits for hands-free operation. It is a 3-in-1 Aux-in Bluetooth receiver. It has a high-quality noise canceller and a 2 port USB charger. The most attractive feature is that it can be connected to anything that can be wirelessly controlled in your car. It enhances your driving experience with its magnet base connectivity. The most convenient connection to other devices.

The audio quality is also very best as the noise is isolated and brings you the most of the noise clarity. It allows to you make any of your devices work on a hands-free system which enables you Bluetooth connectivity with every device. The best Bluetooth car adapter for music as it allows you to connect via Aux-in to stream your desires. Including the GPS following which gives the indications, a very helpful feature.

Mpow MBR1 best Bluetooth car adapter for music
Mpow MBR1

The dual USB port is also very fascinating as firstly; Mpow MBR2 allows to connect to devices at a single time. Plus, it charges super fast which will always be helpful in your journey. The connectivity range is also very high and the built-in mic gives a high distortion less sound.

The adapter starts as soon as you enter your vehicle which is important and the pairing is also super easy. It is automatic, just you have to manually set it in the beginning. Overall the product is very good and to ensure more safety it is recommended to not charge in high Celsius.  This is the most recommended option from us as it provides high-quality sound, with properly navigating your vehicle and safe device usage. The multi-functionality improves its convenient use and a better hands-free experience.

  1. TUNAI Firefly

Firefly is one of the smallest smart Bluetooth adapter receivers which is capable to give very clear sound without any distortions. It supports all devices and can make everything into a hand-free device. The receiver is very small but its functionality is almost similar to all the other adapters around in the market.

It is one of the best Bluetooth car adapters for music streaming with great connectivity. This comes with a 3.5mm AUX-in which is also a very good feature. As it AUX input is present in almost all the car/bikes now. TUNAI has a very powerful noise resuscitation technology which makes it produce clear and loud noise removing all the other noise ambiguity.


It turns speakers and other sound systems into Bluetooth enabled hands-free devices. It has an LED that shows either the connection is made properly or not. Also, a great feature about Firefly is it can keep the history of up to 8 devices that you pair to it. which will make your connecting speed much faster.

However, there are a few shortcomings with firefly. It is not compatible with all the USB type ports and also does not comes with a charger. So you have to take it separately. It also requires a bit of power which is not very ideal.


  1. NULAXY KM19 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

It is a budget gadget that has a lot of features that you won’t find in other adapter receivers. This has some play-mode add-ons that make your experience much better and a voltmeter. This voltmeter basically is responsible for safety while driving. Also, one of the best advantages is that you can play sounds via AUX-IN cable, or Bluetooth and even by even USB.


At a lower price than before, KM19 is offering you a quick charging capability.  The hands-free experience is very nice and very comfortable with it. The adapter is of FM type which makes it easy in pairing. Even the adapter has a big display which makes your work easy while driving.

However, the clarity of sound is not up to the mark. Also, it allows only one device to pair at a particular time. Sound distortion will be a bigger problem once you use it for a little time. And we require to plug it in always.

  1. NULAXY KM18

This is again a brilliant product by Nulaxy. A good quality product with a desirable hands-free experience. It also has a big screen which is again helpful while driving and managing your phone work. Again, provides you with quick charging capability having a 5V port. A bigger plus to this one is its better sound reduction capability, which removes the distortion and gives a smooth audio input. This one also has that play-mode feature ensuring safety.

KM18 is mostly similar to the KM19 one, I think the major difference is in the price and sound clarity. This has better sound clarity but costlier.


One drawback that I can find out is that it will be draining all the battery if you will keep it plugged into the lighter. However, if the lighter is also off then also it will work. And being an FM type, it will have a clarity problem due to weak signal strength.

  1. Mpow Steambot 2-in-1

This is listed at last but is one of the most popular car-adapter in the market. Steambot is a simple Bluetooth car adapter that comes at a very less price range and has super easy functionality. It is one of the best Bluetooth car adapters for music as it has a very wide noise isolator limit. Which filters out the disturbances and gives clear sound. Also, it is very light and easy to handle.

Steambot best Bluetooth car adapter for music

It can be paired with mostly all the devices and also its connectivity is also overwhelming. Also, gives you the ability to charge your 2 devices at once and has a brilliant battery life also. This can be taken work up for 8 hours continuously. It is again an AUX-in type adapter and provides an overwhelming hands-free experience. Check out our similar article on How to Connect Airpods to Macbook Pro on this page.

The only shortcoming is it does not have a screen that you can use while driving and managing your phone calls. However, the product is good and reliable.

Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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