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The 5 Best 8-Inch Tablet of 2020 with their Features

If you are looking for an option that works for you either way, like your mobile or laptop, you might look for some amazing tablets to work like that. In the market, there are almost all sizes of tablets. But the comfort for mobile and laptop in a single device is usually given by some best 8-inch tablet. These tablets offer a little bigger size compared to large size phones. And a nominal smaller size compared to a small screen sized laptops. Also, they are handy and are comfortable while you travel. Some of the best 8-inch tablets provide almost everything you can get from mobile and laptop. However, the price range differs, but even there are many good budget best tablets online.

What are the specifications one must look for in the best 8-inch tablet online?


The price range can differ according to the features and specifications. There are a few specs that you must consider before buying the best 8-inch tablet. You don’t want to ruin your money on something that isn’t as productive as it is after six months. One of the important specs is the RAM. As you want to use it as a laptop, the RAM should be enough to handle the data amount.

Processing chip

Also, another important specification you must look forward to is the processing chip. This is quite understandable why it is important. A decent processor gives you a smooth experience on your device. Using the best-8-inch tablet as both mobile and laptop, you require a decent processor, which will also help you while gaming or even video editing. Some of the software is too bulky, and for using them, you require a strong processor.


The next one is storage capacity. It is crucial to check the storage as you are putting an enormous amount of data in it. At the same time, you are using the tablet in place of other devices. You must check if you can store enough amount of crucial data in it or not.


Another important factor for taking the best 8-inch tablet is to have a good display quality. You can’t work properly if the display quality is not good enough. Your experience of a tablet is mostly based on a display first. So check that out properly.

The best 8-inch tablet is a pack of all these features compactly. These provide a perfect balance for a phone and a laptop.

It is recommended to take such devices from the store itself so that you can properly check the quality. However, we are here to ease your job by listing the top 5 best 8-inch tablet in 2020 online. If you want the product at ease of your house, try these out.


The best 8-inch tablet you can find online in 2020

  1. Huawei MediaPad M5

This is probably the best 8-inch tablet around in the market. As it is an overall best-suited tablet as it gives good performance on a best-suited budget. A good and appropriate mix of the performance, price, and decent combination of colors. The price at which it comes is also an interesting fact for taking it into recommendations. If you are also looking for a bigger display of about 10 inches, you can also opt for this. As it comes in two variants, an 8.4 inch and a 10.8 inch. The two of them have a massive amount of features packed inside. The price of the 10 inches one seems to be a little more, but the smaller one, as compared, packs more features along with it on a reasonable price tag.

Some features you will find in it are:

  1. Octa-core Kirin 960 processor
  2. RAM – 4GB
  3. Storage space – 64GB

Along with storage space, you also get a micro SD slot to expand your storage. This is crucial as you will require high storage s you are looking for an alternative for a laptop. You will get a 2560 X 1600 full bright and colorful display screen with narrow bezels. The speakers you get along with are also of premium quality of Harmon Kardon speakers. The sound is impressive and clear. This will make your streaming more entertaining. You can enjoy your daily shows and videos with clear sound quality.

MediaPad M5 best 8-inch tablet
MediaPad M5

Most of the tablets are not much recommended for their camera quality, but this has a decent camera. It has a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera, which will exempla the user experience. You can take beautiful shots for your social media handle. And with that amount of storage, you don’t even worry about it. Also, making your video calling experience much better. All the pixels are properly defined, and even the colors are all fine.

The battery life of this best android tablet is also way better than others. MediaPad M5 has a 5100mAh battery, which can be worked upon for about 12hrs. You can smoothly watch your favorite TV shows while traveling, along with its fast-charging capability. It takes a little less than 2 hours for a full charge. This tablet’s weight is lighter than many other tablets in the market, weighing around 0.7 pounds.

However, it does not include a lovely headphone jack, which is a need for most use. So for that, you can get a wireless earphone and enjoy the day’s streaming experience.

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  1. Lenovo Tab 4

This is a simple tablet that comes at a cheaper price range. It normally works with no embellishments. The design is a bit average; however, this best 8-inch tablet’s battery life is way longer than others. The overall build of the tab is good enough with a plastic body at this price. It is a product when you don’t want to over budget yourself. And stick with a normal tab giving all the good enough features. The company has brought this product for the same reason. Otherwise, you also have Lenovo tab 4 Plus to get more.


  1. Quad-core 1.4Ghz processor
  2. RAM – 2GB
  3. Storage space – 16 GB

These are not some of the best specs you will find for a tablet. But the price range it comes in is the x-factor. You are getting almost all the standard features in Lenovo Tab 4 with no extra frills. However, it is to mention that you should not over expect from this tab and try overloading it. It works well until you don’t try pushing its limits. The camera part is also at a lower range. You get a 5MP rear camera and a little 2 MP camera for selfies.

Lenovo Tab 4 best 8-inch tablet
Lenovo Tab 4

However, this tablet is not as bad as it sounds. You get a beautiful HD display along with it with all the bright colors. Also, you again have a micro SD card slot for expanding the space. Even the sound part is also well geared with a dual Dolby speaker. Due to the plastic body, the tab is too light to carry. It also carries few extra packs along with it, which might help you doing work. You have Alexa support along with the pre-matched speakers for it. Making a better home assistant tablet with management tools also.

  1. Lenovo Tab 4 Plus

As we talked about it in the previous one. This gives you more specs than the older version and is priced accordingly. Again one of the best 8-inch tablet with better than before specifications and some added benefits.


  1. 64-bit Octa-Core Snapdragon processor
  2. RAM – 2 GB
  3. Storage – 16 GB
Lenovo Tab 4 Plus
Lenovo Tab 4 Plus

The tablet also has a good full HD bright display. The colors are even, and the display size is also commendable. It can be the best android tablet in 2020. You even get an upgrade in the camera quality also. It comes with an 8MP rear and 5MP selfie camera. The last USB port is also updated to a USB-C version of it. The protection of this tablet is also taken care of with dual case protection. Extra safety features can also be added to it like a shock resistor, saving it from critical damage. The battery life is almost as powerful as the tab 4 version. It provides you a 20 hours streaming experience in a single goes along with a fast-charging capability.


  1. Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

This is more generically called the best budget gadget with a tremendous amount of features and amazing performance. This is not suitable for heavy load purposes. But it is more than good enough for streaming shows and doing regular works. As being an Amazon product, it comes along with various color variants.


  1. Quad-core 1.3Ghz processor
  2. RAM – 1.5 GB
  3. Storage Space – Two Variants (16 & 32 GB)

You will get an extra micro-SD slot for pushing a little storage capacity. However, this is the best 8-inch tablet for people who don’t want to spend much at the given price tag.

Amazon Fire best 8-inch tablet
Amazon Fire

It provides almost all the necessary features for regular work but is not recommendable for its camera quality. It has a little 2MP selfie camera and a 5MP front camera.

However, being an amazon buy, you get the great Home Assistance with Alexa support. You can manage all your smart devices with it on a decent display screen. The display is evenly bright and fine with the HD video streaming quality. But, the resolution of 1280 x 800 is not one of its better parts. Lastly, it has our lovely headphone jack, so yes, a positive there too.

  1. Apple iPad Mini 4

A little delay for the apple fans. But here it is, the mini 4. We have been noticing that Apple is turning its designing part towards the trending big screen culture. You can even see that in its smartphones. But with mini 4, Apple has not experimented that norm. The size is kept small for the fans who have been a part of apple for many years. Most of these users feel comfortable with the smaller screens, and hence Apple has kept that in mind. However, the Apple tablets are not much recommended over the Android ones. As android offers more than what Apple offers at such a high price tag.

Apple Mini 4
Apple Mini 4


  1. Processor – A8 chipset
  2. RAM – 2GB
  3. Storage – 128GB (other variants are also available)

The micro-SD is unavailable. However, the clean interface of this is why one buys Apple. You are also accessible to the premium iOS services, which are no doubt very premium. The camera and the built-in quality of this are also like any other iPhone. This also takes some amazing shots and brings a solid build along. The battery life is average to some. But who are used to apple products can surely go for this one.


Written by Ayush Shrotriya

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